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amy will u tell us the story of how u and deb went from brotp to otp?

omgosh i’m so long winded and schmoopy. ;u; i’ll put this under a cut so that i don’t blubber all over your dashes! apologies to anyone reading via mobile i will try to keep this a lil brief dfghjghjkl

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honesty is very ironic 2 me that i played volleyball in high school and was  a setter as a secondary position

I took this after going to a temple in Hawaii earlier this year. It was an uncomfortably white-washed atmosphere. A lot of the “priests” were white and it did not feel like a true hindu monastery. It was honestly just a tourist attraction. Why do people feel the need to capitalize on a religion they don’t even belong to?


Jay, now featuring the 2 versions with the same color pallet! aka 3 evil babies and 1 normal nerd


“I think with Mark, up until the end, [Eduardo]’s hoping at some point Mark’s going to go, ‘Look, I’m really, really sorry, man. I really messed up. I love you so much, and I just was jealous of you for this. And I acted out like this. Can we be friends again? I’ll give you back as much money as you want. Let’s move in together and we’ll play basketball every day, and we’ll cuddle at night and watch reality TV.’  Part of Eduardo in those depositions is just waiting for that moment.” -AG

  • what i say:yeah ill clean my room in a minute
  • what i mean:i dont have the physical or mental energy to clean my room right now at all please try to understand this and leave me alone

uuuh yeaaaa the perfect throwback song for a sunny day B) 

( thegingeralchemist - now you can hear it!!)