me tbh

I know im gonna sound salty af but seeing cute couples makes me so jealous like tbh being alone is working out ok for me but as soon as someone I know has a significant other I just feel like there’s something off w me like ?? Im ok by myself but I feel like there’s supposed to be something wrong even tho I don’t see it

Today was really unexpected.. I swear I’m not bragging, but it felt like half of the campus asked if I was doing the talent show tonight at school. Sadly, I said no due to our school’s winter percussion ensemble. The rehearsals and comps took hold of my practice-garage time.

What really astonished me was the support, and curiosity of my classmates who wanted to watch me perform. I didn’t know half of the other humans who came up to me today tbh. I dunno, it’s just super grand to see how much support I’m getting out here.

annyislucha-y-belleza asked:

heeey do you like sebastian stan? and what "happened" to your blog it's the same that happened to me :)) i used to be 80% a football blog now im just so mixed :)) and i get unfollowers every day but i dont care anymore :)) anyway you have a great blog :) take care and have a nice day :)

I love this fucking dumb romanian puppy oh gawd

tbh for me it’s always sad to see people leave like that because of what you like but I get that they followed me for something else and they might not be interested in what I’m blogging about but I get new followers and I don’t really care that much about the ones who left too

thank you so much! I hope you have a nice day as well :) 

so the give away winners!!

#53 - indomitxbleheart
#38 - zanaito

what each of you get!!; 1 theme of your character, 2 banners ( a promo banner + a mobile header ) & 20 icons + a customised psd ( if you want it of course )

thank you to everyone who participated <333 reading all the nice tags made me so happy tbh!! /)//////(\ and i miiiight make another give away, but not too soon considering i’ve just done this one. 

i am doing so much better at school than i was last semester though! like i actually manage to do work and be productive. i feel like i have done so much last week, and okay tbh i just had a 45 to 50 hour work week which isn’t that much compared to what i pulled at the end of high school (when i was manic af and doing the work so i could somehow survive), but it is more than twice as much as i did last semester. and it feels good to be doing stuff, and to basically not be super depressed the whole time