myomahaboys asked:

Any advice for how to start writing? Like how to get the story started?

My advice is just to dive right in! Usually when I get a new idea, it’s just a scene or a character or a piece of dialogue. So I just put that down on paper and start writing, without thinking about the bigger picture. I write until I can’t write anymore, which is usually when questions start appearing like, ‘who is this character?’, ‘why did they end up there?’, ‘why would they do that for?’

Then I start to answer those questions. This is not the most efficient way, but it works for me, so always go with what feels natural for you and don’t think about what someone else would do. I guess the trick is to not worry too much about the final product, and just enjoy the journey of discovering your idea.

There are lots of ways to start a story though. If you’re a little to nervous to jump into it, then maybe try these ways:

Question Your Idea

So you have this idea and before you write it, you might want to know more about it first. Ask it lots of questions! Who is this character? Why are they saying those things? Why would they do that? Where do they live? Who are their family members? Who are their friends? What do they do each day?

All stories start with a character. It is your job as a writer to give them motivation and work out all of the parts around that until you can orchestrate their story.

Create An Outline

Note down the particulars of the idea, as in, all of the things you definitely want to include from the initial draft. Then expand those out and write a brief outline of who the characters are, what their motivations are, what the world around them is like, and how you imagine this story ending. The more you outline, the more ideas you will find and the more you’ll be able to flesh out the beginning and middle.

Some good advice though is to write with the end in mind. This might help you to come up with all the stuff that appears before the end as you surely want to know how your characters get to that last part!

Don’t Worry Too Much

I always think… writing tips are good for second, third and later drafts… You really don’t want to be worrying too much about what agents think of prologues or info dumps when you’re just getting started! The key is to get everything out on paper, then worry about how it readers to somebody else. For now, do what you want to do and don’t even think too much about adhering to everyone else’s rules. Better to improve on what you have written than to have nothing written to improve on at all.

Most Importantly, Have Fun!

A novel isn’t complete overnight. Just enjoy this process of getting to know your story, it is honestly the most fun and inspiring part! Take off your shoes and run around in the grass, as it were. Really fill your mind up with this idea. Think up playlists, imagine your characters’ lives, imagine how they’d all interact. If you’re interested in what you’re writing, then it will be easier to obsess over and easier to get something down. So you absolutely have to love the idea, it will make everything much easier.

I hope these little tips help. Please keep an eye on follower responses, as there might be more good suggestions in reblogs/replies if none of the ones I’ve proposed are what you were looking for.

Best of luck with your story, I hope you can get started on it soon!


- enlee


new chapter of the chanyeol x jongin story: a change of heart

I hate it so much when I walk past people and they just shout “konnichiwa” (not just because I’m not even Japanese) or “nihao” etc. I think pretty much all East Asians who live in the west have experienced this. this happened to me last night when I was hanging about outside a club with my friend and this man came up to me and said hello to me in Japanese. I looked at him and told him I wasn’t Japanese and and he was like oh okay so nihao then. the issue I have with this is not simply just people assuming my nationality based on my facial features (which is rude and annoying as hell as it is, considering half the time they get it wrong perpetuating the idea that all East Asian people look the same) but also, as my friend said to the guy, “why not just say hello?” the reason is that people still view Asians as “other”. no matter how well we can speak English or how “Western” we dress, no matter how assimilated we are into western society we will always be viewed as some kind of exotic alien species and non-Asian people will always view us that way and remind us that we don’t belong. they don’t say “nihao” to us to try and make us feel at home and welcomed and have a nice conversation with us in Mandarin. they say it because they view us as “no engrish” chinks and make sure that we know we will always be judged based on our race and will never fully belong no matter how hard we try


Loser MV

This….this makes me feel things…

“Stop it, you dicks. I will cut you.”
-Me, (serious about the former but not the latter) anytime anyone yanks a blanket off of me or pulls the pillow out from under my head.

Ignoring trolls and negative comments in my notifications is one of the best decisions I’ve made on tumblr. Choosing what energy I allow to affect me is important. Only positivity on this end. If you’re really concerned or question statements that I make, are not trying to gain notes and tumblr popularity with disrespectful and witty commentary drizzled with gifs…come see my inbox. I’m not here for the theatricals. We can have an adult conversation. If not just know you will ALWAYS be ignored.

Looking at Benedict not looking at all like Sherlock, sitting down in 221b is so surreal

like technically I know Benedict plays ‘Sherlock’

but at the same time when I see 221b, I expect to see Sherlock. Not this stranger-who-doesn’t-belong-in-221b

Maybe it’s just me. But its like subconsciously my mind believes that Sherlock and Benedict are like 2 different entities independent of each other.

So if I expect to see “the guy who plays Sherlock”, I’m really expecting to see Sherlock. Like as though BBC Sherlock is a reality TV show (with really great cinematography) and Sherlock really does exist in real life, meanwhile Benedict is just another human being who also exist, maybe having a vacation somewhere in Hawaii.

……I’m alone in this, aren’t I?


You paced back and forth in the dark house, seething. 

“You promised me that you would never do something stupid like that again. And you did! I can’t believe you!”

“You should know better than to believe anything that comes out of my mouth sister.” Dean said.

“I could just…I could just–”

“Could what? What could you do?”

You snapped your gaze to him, fire in your eyes and lunged, arms outstretched, aiming to take him to the ground.

It was almost embarrassing how easy it was for him to take you down, flip you so that you were on your back on the cold floor with him on top of you.

“Woah, easy there tiger.” He said, a grin blooming across his face as he looked at your stunned face. It took a second to get your breath back from the blow, but as soon as you did, you couldn’t help but laugh. Soon, the two of you were howling and shaking uncontrollably, the broken promise long forgotten.