Day 14 of the #YogaYourChakras challenge is Upward Plank pose. The Chakra focus for today is Vishuddha, the throat This chakra is about expression and manifestation, voice and speaking are good examples of that. My mantra for today is “My voice is stronger than I believe it to be, and even when my words cause confusion or unrest, I am entitled to my expression, and will trust it. I will focus my voice on truth and the expression of care and kindness. I will continue to work to develop my voice as an artist, a friend, and as a human being.” Tonight I practiced Upward Plank on the Uptown 1 train platform, because, well, the both go up, and upward seems like a nice direction to be going. Namaste Challenge hosted by @thegivingmom @ewanyoga @lady_jacks89 @malacollective @curativesoul by mdpny

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Day 20 of the #YogaYourChakras challenge is Matsyasana or Fish pose. The Chakra focus today Vishuda, the throat. The color associated with this is Chakra is Blue

This asana is about the sound element, the throat.The right to speak and be heard.
I practiced the pose today on a hill above 110th street. Namaste
Challenge hosted by
@thegivingmom @ewanyoga @lady_jacks89 @malacollective @curativesoul by mdpny

Doesn’t matter who you are, who you love, or what walk of life you come from, the greatest honor and pride is respecting yourself and the people next to you. Like the rainbow, we are all special and valuable and colorful and unique, we are also all brothers and sisters, and we are in this together. Lets build one another up, inspire each other, and work to make sure every one of us succeeds.