Maryland Faeries After Dark
The Maryland Faerie Festival opens Friday, May 10, 2013, at 5. Dinner is from 6:30 pm to 8 pm. The Fire and Drum Experience starts at 8 pm.


Join the faeries at the Maryland Faerie Festival. Dance and Drum at the Fire. SummerFest Bands will amaze and enchant!

Faerie Ring Camping Experience

No need to run for the pumpkin coach and lose you slipper, take part in the Faerie Ring Camping Experience and spend the weekend in the land of faeries. You have the options of spending one or two nights, and participating in the meal plan or foraging for yourself in the land of faerie. Don’t just come to the show, be part of it! Get your tickets here.

Faerie Fire and Drum Experience

On the night of Friday, May 10, behold as spirits of primal flame manifest. The evening’s festivities will begin with the kindling of the Faerie Flame, and the beat will rise with the rhythmic drumming of a host of featured drummers and percussionists.
Faeries of flame will flare and flicker far into the night with presentations by our fire spinners, featuring poi spinning and demonstrations which in the past have included: fire staff, whips, swords, hoops, and perhaps other things too wondrous to imagine.
We invite all to join the drummers, dancers, chanters, ritualists, mask-makers, visual artists, poets and dream-weavers to at this intentional co-creative fire circle. Delve into a remarkable experience of Universal Fire Circle Alchemy. The intentional fire circle is a safe and sacred place to dance, sing, and drum, a place to let your spirit take wing and fly. Here are a few pictures from last year.


Join us on the night of Saturday, May 11 at 8 as the mists of Faerie part for the re-emergence of SummerFest.  Long renowned as a party so exciting that even the storm spirits came to dance, this year our Faerie Godmothers made covered stages will ensure that nothing will stop the revels.
The celebration begins at 8:00 pm, when the music begins and pulls you out of your seat and sets you on your feet.  The evening will culminate with Maryland Faerie Festival’s music du jour having you dancing the night away.  Dress in your faerie finest and gather under the cover of darkness to celebrate SummerFest!

While evening activities may not be appropriate for small children due to the lateness of the hour, all Maryland Faerie Festival events are family-friendly.

The Maryland Faerie FestivalFriday, May 10 – Sunday, May 13, 2013Camp Ramblewood2564 Silver RoadDarlington, MD


It’s been a whole week since the beginning of the best Maryland Film Festival to date and I wanted to upload some of the photos I was able to take—— my phone died before the end of each day!—— during that magical weekend! In addition to my beautiful photos I will also be posting reviews for each of the meuvies we saw, all 12 of them. :) 

Visit Mother Nature and her Elemental Courts at the Maryland Faerie Festival


Mother Nature by Helena Aislin

Are you an Earth Spirit? Or maybe an Air, Fire, or Water Spirit? Maybe a mix of all the Elements? Come visit Mother Nature and her Elemental Courts at the Maryland Faerie Festival and find out—and receive special gifts to proclaim your special spiritual self!

Come and enjoy the pageantry, magic, music, and mischief. We provide an atmosphere and entertainment inspired by Faerie folklore and literature, and, of course, by the Faeries themselves.  Yes, we believe in Faeries! Through the Faerie heritage, we encourage love, cooperation, peace, harmony, and respect for all beings, along with a pinch of mischief!

  • Opening Friday, May 10th, at 5 pm, for the 8pm Fire and Drum Experience.
  • Gates open at 10 am, Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th, 2013
  • The SummerFest Celebration begins at 8:00pm, Saturday Night.

Join Mother Nature at the Maryland Faerie Festival as we celebrate Faerie Godmothers in 2013, Darlington, Maryland. Purchase your advanced tickets here.

Maryland Faerie FestivalCamp Ramblewood2564 Silver RoadDarlington, MD

Earlier this week the Maryland Film Festival finally finished releasing all of their titles for this years fest, along with the showtimes. I couldn’t be more pleased because while we are going to have to miss a couple I wanted to see (it must be written in the stars because my schedule never works out where I am able to see whatever Bobcat Goldthwait’s latest offering is or whatever film John Waters is presenting), overall we don’t have to miss anything that I picked out!

Here is our schedule:

Thursday 5/9:
Paradise: Love- 7:00 pm @ The Charles
The Rambler- 9:30 pm @ The Charles

Friday 5/10:
Drinking Buddies- 4:00 @ MICA
Computer Chess- 7:30 @ The Charles
Touchy Feely- 9:30 @ MICA
V/H/S/2- 11:59 @ The Charles

Saturday 5/11
Paradise: Hope- 11:00 am @ The Charles
Leviathan- 2:30 @ The Charles
I Am Divine- 5:00 @ MICA
Zero Charisma- 8:00 @ The Charles
Here Comes the Devil- 10:30 @ The Wind-Up Space

Sunday 5/12:
It Felt Like Love- Noon @ The Charles
A Teacher- 2:30 @ The Charles

Once again I am pleased that pretty much everything I want to see is showing at The Charles which means we won’t have to do any stressful running around. A few years ago I was wandering around aimlessly trying to find where the University of MD was screening the Candy Darling documentary and I never want to go through that stress again.
Also, I went ahead and bought 3 of our tickets already. Part of me was a bit nervous that by the time we went early Thursday morning to buy all of our tickets certain showings (V/HS/2, I Am Divine, and Here Comes the Devil—- that one just happens to be screening at a much smaller location than the others and their showings usually do sell out because of this)  would be gonzo and I would be heartbroken. 

I want to say again how truly excited I am for this festival, I really do think that this line-up is probably the best that they’ve had since I’ve been attending!

Click HERE to check out the films that are screening!

Click HERE to buy tickets!

FaerieTestimonials and Customer Reviews of the Maryland Faerie Festival


Consider Yourself Faery warned!

Just Kidding,  it is April 1.  The Maryland Faerie Festival gets great reviews from all the fairies!

Over on our facebook group, we asked our Faerie Faithful to give us a quote about why they are involved with the faerie festival, what it means to them.

Here are a few of the replies:

  •  We love Faerie Festival because everyone in our family can be free to imagine the world as we see it. From our 3 year old and 5 year old up to our old 40-something selves! Family, friends, loves, lives, Seelie, UnSeelie, Drums, and costumes – what’s not to love?
  • It’s a wonderful world of mythic magic that transcends generations and fuels the imagination!
  • It’s a tea party of mythic adventure! Engaging the participants and co-creating a new faery tale…. Mysterious, Magical and Interactive!
  • The Maryland Faerie Festival is an opportunity to embrace my creativity and live in the world of fae for a few days.
  • I can step out of my life and into a fairy tale.
  • Since the first time I put on wings and walked into the festival full of Faeries, magic, and light; I felt home – 6 years and counting.
  • I grew up with fairy tales. I love being able to bring some of my favorite book characters to life and bring smiles to children of all ages.
  • It is one of the few places where people young and old can celebrate magic, belief, nature, and be joyful and lighthearted regardless of age, profession, income or background. At the festival, everyone is encouraged to be free and experience the magick of faerie however they see fit- in their own ways. And -that- is truly magick.
  • It’s a place where I may spend all weekend next to Sweetie the Unicorn, watching wing-clad-children gaze up at her in wonder, and camp out with her overnight as she stands guard over my tent.
  • It provides a place of enchanted escape and inspiration that the work-a-day world not only fails to provide but actively works to suppress.

We hope you will join us this year, to share the Magical Faerie Experience!

Friday night, May 10, Saturday, May 11, and Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Maryland Faerie FestivalCamp Ramblewood2564 Silver RoadDarlington, MD