happy mother’s day!
↳ favorite moms — martha rodgers, castle (2009-present)

after all, we are pod mates. another martha-ism. i call it the pea pod bond. you know, the bond that exists between parent and child; you and me, you and alexis. we’re all peas in a pod. and whether we like it or not, anyone who’s ever had a child is in the pod — forever.


happy mother’s day!
↳ favorite moms — lorelai victoria gilmore, gilmore girls (2000-2007)

alright, everybody, i need your attention, attention, attention please. ahem. this is a very serious moment…two priests, a rabbi, and a duck — alright, i’m kidding! um, i would like to propose a toast to the one thing in my life that is always good, always sweet…and without whom, i would have no reason to get up in the morning. my pal rory, cheers! and in honor of this very special girl, i now invite you all to help me eat her face.


happy mother’s day!
↳ favorite moms — stefanie marie & lena elizabeth adams foster, the fosters (2013-present)

we did not give you the gift of life
but in our hearts we know
the love we feel is deep and real
as if it had been so

for us to have each other
is like a dream come true
no, we did not give you the gift of life
life gave us the gift of you


happy mother’s day!
↳ favorite moms — traci nash, rookie blue (2010-present)

you know how, when it’s raining, and, um, you’re stuck inside, and i won’t let you watch tv but, um, i always tell you that you have to make something? and you do, and it’s fantastic, because you have made a car out of a box, or a bus out of a box, or a rocket ship out of a box. well, here’s a little secret: i love the rain. i can’t wait for the rain, because then i can be ready with a cardboard box. because that is my favorite thing to watch you do. i love you so much, my darling.


Almería 0-1 Real Madrid | Ronaldo 3’ [HD]


happy mother’s day!
↳ favorite moms — sarah manning, orphan black (2013-present)

you know i never had a real mum and dad, yeah? when i was your age, it made me very angry. and i was so confused. and i don’t want that for you. i guess i brought you here because…there’s two parts of you, yeah? one of them is me, and the other is your dad. do you get that?


Almería 0-2 Real Madrid | Benzema 61’ [HD]

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