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Hey, new follower here, I love your blog. Where does your nick come from? I mean after the ship Aquila or does it go way back?

Thank you! My nickname does have a lot to do with AC, but it actually goes a bit further back than that. My favourite type of bird is the eagle and when I became interested in astronomy years ago, the Aquila constellation was obviously my favourite. So I guess the name kind of stuck with me.

But also being a naval and ship enthusiast, I admit I was really happy when I heard that the ship in AC3 was called the Aquila :)

note-of-madness replied to your postSeriously, I can’t enjoy reading To the Lighthouse…

I always write the meaning above the words but I only do it with my own books. By the way, sometimes I like the notes in libary books, they can be funny and help me when I read a difficult text such as Doctor Faustus.

Sure, I also make notes for myself in my own books. That makes them a lot more personal. But in case of library-books, it’s like raping the book and tossing it back to the shelves and giving a terrible time to other readers imho.

Okay, in case of Faustus I could even appreciate the notes because that’s not an easy read, but not when people make notes on what “smoke” means. Seriously? what the frick!

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extraordinary use…text. Uwe would appreciate. :D

oh yes, Uwe and his compound adjectives.:D:D:D