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❝thor was, finally, a more  p o p u l a r  deity than odin — his  f a v o u r  was sought not only by the farmer but by the blacksmith, the fisherman, the sailor; he was closer to the   o r d i n a r y  man than was the complex, unapproachable, and violent odin.❞


He spends months searching. Endless hours tracking video feed from Stark. He spots him in the deli and follows him out the door to the rental car which is, unsurprisingly, unlocked.

Steve thought he’d find Bucky but it’s always been the other way ‘round.

rijomu asked:

I couldn't agree with you more about the problems with Coulson's character and with SHIELD in general. Which makes me ask, how you'd "fix" the show? Replace Coulson as the one in charge? Have the secrecy and no oversight blow up in their faces in a spectacular manner? Get Skye to act as Coulson's moral compass?

The thing about “fixing” the show is that I do understand why they’re not tackling many of the ~ideological~ issues at its heart.

SHIELD has to be positioned as (more or less) a “good” entity in order for AoS to work as a mainstream entertainment show attached to the MCU. Also, it takes a lot of inspiration from American law-enforcement programming, a genre that tacitly endorses things like police brutality. So if I were to magically gain control of AoS and its writing team, and didn’t have to worry about advertising or ratings or editorial input from Marvel (LOL), I’d introduce way more scenes where people have personal ethical dilemmas about “doing the right thing” as a SHIELD agent.

Most of the characters in AoS rely on Coulson for guidance or orders, but Coulson himself is definitely someone whose own moral code was tied to… receiving orders. He’s portrayed as ~good guy~ but we know that he’s spent his entire career treating SHIELD almost like a religion, convinced that they’re the best hope for protecting humanity against alien/superhuman threats. Except all the while, SHIELD was infiltrated by Hydra, and SHIELD itself was doing some pretty shady stuff even in its day-to-day business.

I mean, I think that the most “accurate” portrayals of SHIELD were from outsider perspectives in Iron Man and Thor, where we see Coulson and Fury invading people’s lives, confiscating their possessions, and spying on them. Whereas AoS looks at SHIELD from the angle of a team of lovable characters, and doesn’t really touch on their moral ambiguity except in the case of field agents who literally kill people.

So I’d probably see Skye begin to think for herself about what SHIELD actually means (other than in the personal sense of it being her first real “family”), possibly through a series of conversations with May, who would give us a more in-depth look at the darker side of SHIELD. And we’d get to see more of the side of FitzSimmons where they care so much about a new invention or discovery that they forget about its potential human impact. Another good idea would be regular check-ins with civilians who are on the superpower list, and how SHIELD has helped or hindered them in their daily lives. Essentially, we’d see more of the real-world effects of SHIELD’s work, and we’d see how the characters react to that information.

In a general worldbuilding sense, I’d like to know way more about how the leak at the end of CATWS changed public opinion of SHIELD and superhumans/aliens. And that would include the more “innocent” characters like Skye and FitzSimmons finding out about the really shady stuff SHIELD was doing behind closed doors, and pressuring Coulson into creating an environment where agents could be held more accountable. This could be helped along by them finding out that these things are ALREADY happening within the confines of the tiny new-SHIELD, perhaps with some of the mercenaries torturing prisoners for information, or someone using alien tech to stalk their ex-girlfriend, or whatever.

Either that, or some kind of story arc where the writers make it clear that the whole team are such true believers that they KNOW what they’re doing is unethical and dangerous, but they’re doing it anyway because they think the ends justify the means.

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What I don't get is why Romanoff didn't know who Peggy Carter was

while clearly Simmons and May knew of Peggy. Maybe Natasha did know who Peggy was and was wondering how Steve would react when she had asked “Who is the girl?” question? Does this make any sense? Romanoff is or was SHIELD’s the best and the brightest after all, I feel like she would have to know about Peggy who was one of the founders of SHIELD. 

People Who Can Lift Thor's Hammer

In the MCU, in my firm belief:

  • Thor (usually.)
  • Frigga (who is NOT DEAD okay.)
  • Dr. Don Blake, Jane’s ex-boyfriend, who was a terrible partner for Jane because he put his job before their relationship almost as much as she did, which eventually led to an icy breakup, but Jane has really good taste in men other than that.
  • JARVIS. Actually JARVIS already has. He lifts Mjolnir every time Thor uses the elevators in the Tower, and it was rather disconcerting to feel the strange pull on his systems until he realized why. He hasn’t mentioned this to anyone else yet, because they haven’t asked. Someday they’re going to be fighting, and Tony will need to give JARVIS full control of the suit for some reason, and JARVIS will throw the hammer back to Thor, and everybody will freak out. JARVIS is looking forward to it.
  • Darcy Lewis. But only a little, and only when nobody is paying attention, and not reproducibly. It’s not that she’s particularly worthy compared to the others, Mew-mew just likes screwing with her.

X.  Natasha ‘doesn’t need that question answered’ because she’s afraid there’s a small chance she might be able to lift it - and the idea of knowing that about herself is utterly terrifying to Natasha.