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Kenny was walking home, smoking a cigarette. It was around midnight and the blond was just coming back from a really, really boring party. There wasn't even any alcohol besides like wine and shit. He downed some of that but was no where near drunk. Disappointingly. He had his hood up, trying to keep the night chill away from his face. It was eerily quiet there. He had a terrible, terrible feeling.

Soft laughter, that almost could’ve been passed off as the wind, seemed to follow the blond. Scott was in the shadows, as well as two of his ginger kids. He motioned to Kenny with his fingers and the souless children jumped at him, tackling him and slamming a hand over his mouth. Scott smiled at the sight, proceeding to grab the blond and chloroform him before he was able to get away from the gingers. As soon as he was sure Kenny was unconscious, he threw him over his shoulder, beginning to walk. This would work perfectly, or, he hoped so.

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"Can you loosen my chains, please?"

“Hm I don’t zink so. You need to figure out how to get out of zem on your own.” Christophe chuckled, crossing his arms across his chest as he stared at Kenny, kneeling down in front of the blond. “Unless you find zis too difficult to get out of. You need to be creative.”

Highlights from the Graham McTavish Panel - L.I. Geek Con

Just a couple tidbits from the Hobbit Panel , L.I. Geek Con- May 2, 2015

- Graham insists he is a half inch taller than Richard and that Richard had lifts in his boots to make him taller.

- He has a mount of all the cast’s prosthetic noses in his house. He saved them all (including Aidan’s “postage stamp” and WETA mounted them for him.

- Jed Brophy liked to steal stuff from the set and he shared with Graham. Jed told Peter that he was going  to steal coins and Peter said As long as he didn’t see it, it was alright. 

- He got to name Grasper and Keeper. Apparently they are named after Emily Bronte’s dogs. He really likes Wuthering heights and thinks Emily was a ferocious woman.

- Dwalin has a soft spot for Ori. 

- he called me Mr. Baggins when I asked my question. I think my heart exploded. 

- I asked what was his favorite scene to film and he said the barrel scene. He also said that Dean O’Gorman and Stephen Hunter peed in the water. 

- He called me sweetheart when signing my Hobbit book. 

- he recognized me at my photo op. He’s like “My Bilbo!”



The moderator from asked him about fanfiction, including asking him if he knew about Thorin/Dwalin, and she grimaced over Durincest. She then talked about Dwalin/Dis and showed him a fanmade Dwalin/Dis video with Laura Pulver as Dis. Asshole-Mod then proceeded to ask him if he knew about the Richard/Graham fanfic.

It was super uncomfortable, but Graham was so sweet about it and just said he admires how much work the fans put into their art.