Jason Patel MBCS

So I have just recently joined the BCS the chartered institute for IT, or the British Computer Society (BCS).

To join I had to submit my work experience and also nominate someone in the profession to answer a number of question to ensure I was suitable.  I qualified and am now a Professional member so can add some letters after my name from now on I shall be called Jason Patel MBCS.

I now have access to some healthy discounts to training and a user professional forum.  As a member I must adhere to the BCS code of conduct and good practice.  In line with this I need to maintain and develop my skill and competencies.

So the goal for the next 12 months is to attain a new skill with CISCO equipment, CCNA is what I am aiming for.  This also fits in well with works new wireless AP system that uses CISCO equipment.  Also I want to progress further from my current Microsoft MCP, to MCSA then MCSE.

Now for the action.


So they have me answering calls at work today.

Which anyone who works at best buy knows that MCSA is the Devils job for someone who doesn’t ever work up here. They literally just threw me up here with no type of training like wtf. Luckily I have someone to switch out with me every 2 hours. I’d just rather be back on the sales floor right now. Because idk what I’m doing.

Hey you guys!

So to speed everyone up on things (because I’ve had so many followers in the past month!)
I was laid off from my job back in February (the 19th) and I started applying for jobs immediately.
My family has given me a lot of grief and have not been very supportive of me recently because of my lack of job saying that I’m not doing good or trying hard enough etc etc and it’s been straining on my relationship with my bf because I’ve been rather depressed.
Well I had an (unofficial) interview with Best Buy on the 21st of February and and then was called in for a second interview on the 7th of March. (Best but had a highering freeze for a while)
And today on the 10th I just received a phone call and an email for an offer letter for the full time position I applied for and they matched the amount I need to be paid to make ends meet.
I don’t know what I really believe in but I seriously just feel so honored and so happy that the stars and planets are re-aligning and that I’m being given an opportunity to have a full time job again and just be able to support my son and not feel worthless and awful.
I just wanted to share my extreme happiness with you guys.
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Hello MCSA 2014-15!

A new academic year has begun and MICA is filled with new faces, new plans and hopes for 2014-15.

And we have our first student committee for this year! After a gruelling selection process which included speeches, voting and interviews, we are happy to present the MICA Council for Student Affairs!


               The MICA Council for Student Affairs, 2014-15, (L-R):                                  Abhisek, Bhupinder, Gunjan, Anu, Ellina, Aniruddh, Riaz

The MCSA is the officially recognised student body of MICA. All other committees come under the purview of the MCSA (it is also the only committee that cannot be dissolved!) and it liaises between the students and the administration. It has been in existence since MICA’s inception and consists of three members from PGP-2 and four from PGP-1. The selection process is completely democratic and members get elected by the students.

It all started in February, with the election of the Senior team: Aniruddh Chokse, Anu Radhakrishnan and Mohamed Riaz. The results of the Junior team elections were announced this morning, and the MCSA family is now complete.

PGP-1 has chosen Abhisek Patnaik, Bhupinder Kumar, Ellina Rath and Gunjan Batra to represent them.

Riaz, who was part of the Junior MCSA last year, says:

"The feeling of having completed a year as part of Junior MCSA and then becoming a member of the MCSA senior team has been both exhilarating and enlightening. I feel strengthened in my resolve because of the support of Anu and Aniruddh who share the dream and vision for MCSA.

Anu, Aniruddh and I want to strive hard in our journey ahead as members of the MCSA team, to sow little seeds of change that will help MICA evolve into a better ecosystem of success in the long term.

Today, as we introduce our junior team for the year 2014-15, I am pushed back into a vortex of nostalgia as I remember the day when our seniors had welcomed us into the junior team.

I can see the same feeling of achievement on the faces of our juniors, Abhisek, Gunjan, Bhupinder and Ellina.

I hope they have the same, or a better journey as the Junior MCSA team and end the year with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Someday in the future, when I come back to MICA, my alma mater, I wish to see the efforts of this team bear the fruits of success for the batches ahead.”


                                  Welcoming the Junior Team!

Says the Junior MCSA:

"Becoming a part of the MCSA feels like winning a hurdles race! We consider it a huge honour and hope to fulfill all our responsibilities to the best of our ability.We hope that we grow and learn together as a batch and take the MICAn legacy forward."

All the best, MCSA 2014-15! 

Kaymu Partners With Cool FM, MCSA For Entrepreneurship Workshop



Nigeria’s leading online marketplace, Kaymu.com.ng, has partnered with Cool FM Lagos and Mass Communications Student Association (MCSA) of the University of Lagos, to educate students on how to become successful entrepreneurs. 

The event tagged Kaymu Entrepreneurship Workshop took place on the 27th of August, 2014 at the prestigious Afe Babalola hall in the…

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My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure post tour dates!

Pittsburgh’s My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure will be hitting the road next month- read on for dates and supporting bands! (And can we just say that they have one of the coolest band names ever?)


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[MCSA] Singing contest 2011:What makes you beautiful cover by Terry He & Josh Armstrong

Exame 70461 - Impressões da prova

Fala galera!

No início do mês, prestei a prova 70461 - Querying Microsoft SQL Server, primeira prova rumo à certificação MCSA.

Em um dos vídeos preparatórios da Microsoft para a prova, um dos apresentadores disse “essa prova é para testar seus conhecimentos sobre assuntos que não são triviais”, e devo dizer que fiquei realmente impressionado.

Views, procedures, functions, XML, índices, tratamento de erros e performance eram vistas a todo momento. E se você está esperando uma prova com questões do tipo “crie uma procedure”, esqueça. Boa parte da prova será baseada em casos de uso, e você terá de usar a melhor solução para resolver o problema. Ou seja, não basta decorar comandos, você precisa realmente entender o que os comandos fazem e o que eles afetam.

Então, se você está pensando em prestar a prova, mesmo que você já tenha anos de experiência: se prepare.

As dicas que dou para quem me pergunta para quem vai prestar a prova são:

  • Consulte os requisitos da prova
    Antes de qualquer coisa, procure saber o que vai cair na prova. Se, ao ler algum requisito você pensar “o que é isso?”, é esse mesmo que você deve estudar! Seja prático, estude o que você não sabe ou não lembra.
    Para saber os requisitos dessa prova, você pode acessar esse link, na sessão “Skills measured”: https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-us/exam-70-461.aspx;

  • Estude o Training Kit
    O Training Kit é um excelente material para a prova. É completo, direto e vai abranger todos os conceitos pedidos no exame;

  • Aprenda com quem sabe
    Procure vídeos e artigos de quem já prestou a prova. Há muitos materiais falando sobre os tipos de questões e o que esperar;

  • Pratique
    SQL não é um tipo de matéria que você aprende apenas lendo. Pratique, teste, e não se atente apenas aos exemplos básicos dos livros. Se o exemplo te ensina a fazer um simples TOP, tente colocá-lo em uma procedure, passando o valor em uma varíavel. Tente colocá-lo em uma view. Veja o que funciona, o que não funciona e como o código vai se comportar.

  • Por último (última dica que talvez seja meio óbvia, mas vale a pena frisar), escolha a prova em inglês.
    Ter uma prova totalmente traduzida pode ser um tiro nas pernas. Alguns conceitos podem ser traduzidos e acabar te confundindo, como traduzir “view” para “visões”, por exemplo.

Com relação ao tempo, fique tranquilo. A prova tem entre 40 e 60 questões e pode durar até 3 horas (a quantidade de questões e o tempo pode mudar de prova para prova). Então, gerencie seu tempo. Se você sentir dificuldades em uma questão, marque-a para revisar posteriormente e pule para a próxima.

Bom galera, acho que é isso! Boa sorte a quem for prestar!

Fica a dica!