It’s been exactly a year since I discovered The Wanted and about five months since I joined Tumblr. I’ve gotten to know so many incredible people, all of whom are so kind, funny, and beautiful (I die every time someone posts a selfie – you guys are all fucking perfect *stuffs face with chocolate and tears*). I wasn’t going to do a follow forever, because I don’t want anyone who follows me to think that I don’t care about them. I appreciate every single one of you, I honestly don’t know why you follow me, but thank you so much.

I just wanted to put together a small list of people who have made the past five months on Tumblr really great. Your text posts make me smile and laugh on a daily basis. Some people I included for their incredible edits that always blow my mind, bitches be talented. I may have never talked to some of you before, but I think your blogs are perfect. bold = special message, italics = i don’t talk to you (ugh i wish i wasn’t shy), but i think you are the best.

a-d: badassmcguinesscmonsykescravingmcguinesscravingsykescurlssandbeanies 

e-j: gladyoucamebrazilhurrikaneswaranjaybeersjaymcbeardedforherpleasurejaymcgetinmejaysbeanie

k-m: kelseybelleslegirlwholovesmusicmaxificentmcnodoyminagdal

n-q: nathanudesnathshappytrailnathturbatenicelysykosykesnodoysnuttinghamqueeninagdal

r-t: rockinguinesssimplysykesualsivaithinksurgeofelectriccsykechotic sykeslicioussykesytomtomtatotwerknathtwiggymoose

u-z: wantedsnicelywarsykeswetfornayfwhyjameswhy wordofsmouth

Again, this is just a small list of people. I’m forgetting so many of you, please don’t hate me. You’re all lovely, stay cute.

nodoys replied to your post: So if I sum up my first day here in Lo…

I see 1D EVERYWHERE I go, it gets annoying -_-

Hahaha yeah you’re right :P I laughed when I saw face masks eheh 

mcnodoy replied to your post: So if I sum up my first day here in Lo…

omg, take me with you please :3


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Yaaay :) I really am :D ^^