DOGS ESCAPE FIRE BY JUMPING FROM BALCONY - “Two dogs that had to leap from an apartment balcony Monday evening, to save themselves from a fire, are undergoing burn treatment at McMinnville Veterinary Hospital.”

A fire at a building in Oregon broke out, trapping two Pit Bull mixes in a residence. The dogs survived by jumping from a second floor balcony. Both of the dogs suffered burns and are currently receiving treatment at McMinnville Veterinary Hospital. Read more from the Yamhill Valley News-Register:

 The dogs, adult pit bull mixes, suffered extensive burns, some of them severe, Sears said. After jumping from the balcony, Sears said, they ran away in fear, and were later picked up by Dog Control, which brought them to the clinic after hours.

Simba, the male, is up and walking, although in pain, Sears said, but Brandy, the female, has burns over about 30 percent of her body, and is not yet mobile. Sears said he expects both dogs to make a complete recovery, but said they will first need extensive, and very expensive, care, that could go on for weeks.

In the event that donations exceed the cost of care for the two, Sears said, any excess would go toward other needy cases.

“I work with Dog Control quite a bit,” in cases where animals need care after abuse or neglect, he said.

Sears said that, fortunately, both dogs were wearing identification tags, that enabled him to quickly locate their owners.

Hopefully these dogs recover fully from their injuries. The McMinnville Veterinary Hospital is accepting donations to go towards the dogs’ treatment. Click here for the full story. (Photo by Dan Belderrain)


In the weeks leading up to the recent Justseeds retreat in scenic McMinnville OR, Mazatl and I painted a mural on the front of the Alleyway Bar on Alberta St. in Portland. Our subject: wolves, and one wolf in particular- the wolf known as OR-7, now referred to as Journey in recognition of his incredible traverse of Oregon and California during 2012 in search of a mate. When he stepped into California, OR-7 was the first wolf in that state in nearly one hundred years. His voyage and his determination are great symbols for the efforts to return wild wolf populations to the West, and in turn to help to bring back some of the stability and biodiversity that top predators create. In lands ravaged by industrial forestry, agriculture, and development, wolves are messengers of the wild future that hopefully lies beyond the bad ideas that settler capitalism has imposed on this landscape. There’s still a long way to go- but the news that OR-7 recently found a mate, and has produced a litter of pups, is another reason to cheer. For a wilder world!


Erratic Rock State Natural Area. This rock on a hillside outside of McMinnville is a big ol’ rock deposited by the Missoula Floods during the Ice Age. Cool, though not as impressive as, say, the Okotoks rock. Could be a cool spot to camp, but the amount of broken 40s bottles would discourage me from doing so. Great view from the top, though.

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(Most of) the Justseeds crew! Taken during our planning retreat in McMinnville Oregon a couple weeks back!

pictured (L to R) Roger Peet, Kevin Caplicki, Colin Matthes, Nicolas Lampert, Meredith Stern, Thea Gahr, Bec Young, Josh MacPhee, Mazatl, Pete Railand, Jesse Purcell, Mary Tremonte, Kristine Virsis, Alec Icky Dunn, Lesly Geovanni Mendoza, Shaun Slifer, Molly Fair. (Not pictured: Jesus Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Dylan AT Miner, Favianna Rodriguez, Erik Ruin, Fernando Marti, Chris Stain)


The Pondero Shot: Bike against barbed wire with fields. But if you squint, you can see Mount Hood. On the way back from Willamina on Monday, just north of McMinnville in Oregon Wine Country.

Manchester Orchestra Release New Album and Announce Tour


The band released, Hope, an alternate version of their popular album Cope, today. They will be playing select dates to support the new release. Check out the dates below:

10/31/14 – Memphis, TN 

11/04/14 – Austin, TX 

11/06/14 – Tempe, AZ 

11/07/14 – Los Angeles, CA 

11/08/14 – West Hollywood, CA 

12/03/14 – Chicago, IL 

12/06/14 – Philadelphia, PA 

12/07/14 – New Haven, CT 

12/08/14 – Somerville, MA 

12/09/14 – Brooklyn, NY 

12/11/14 – Charleston, SC 

12/12/14 – Durham, NC 

12/13/14 – McMinnville, TN 

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