Nasal spray shows promise as treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers say they’ve developed a nasal spray that could potentially improve memory and other mental capabilities for the more than 5 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

In a pilot study at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, researchers studied 60 adults between the ages of 55 and 85 diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia (AD). Participants were nasally administered doses of man-made insulin called insulin detemir for 21 days.

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Monday Check In

Obsessing over: My current package that’s on it’s way! I’ll probably do a review over it after vacation!!!

Working on: Cleaning up the house here and there. We’ll be deep cleaning this weekend so that we have a nice clean home to return back to after our trip.

Thinking about: The boys getting sick, and if I’m going to be able to get an extra pair of contacts before we leave.

Anticipating: The Friday night dinner we have planned.

Listening to: How to Train Your Dragon 2, Mylo reenacting the movie, and the downpour outside.

Drinking: Water. Always water. (Or coffee.)

Wishing: That the rain would go away.

I was just about to post this when the rain picked up, and suddenly there was a ton of hail. Very scary moment seeing that my phone is broken right now so I don’t have access to immediate weather reports, or the ability to call Michael and make sure he’s okay. It lasted for a good five minutes. The boys flocked to me while I looked up the weather on the computer. Just a thunderstorm, but shit. Really shook me up. Fucking weather. 


Invisible City (Daniel Avery Drone City Remix) by Primal Scream


Hyuga Hinata in Haute Couture dress designed by Melly C.I.

you know guys ive always tried so hard to draw anime and specifically trying to draw like kishimotos style but i gave up im no good at it, i think that ill start drawing in my own style which is this one, im studying fashion design so i cant help but drawing like this x) anyway this is the dress im sewing for my graduation , hope you all like it.

please do not repost


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