Young anglers love new rivers the way they love the rest of their lives. Time doesn’t seem to be of the essence and somewhere in the system is what they are looking for.
—  Thomas McGuane

The Makers: Series Trailer from The Handmade Movement on Vimeo.

Please be sure and check out our Kickstarter page! I will only be live for a couple more weeks. presents “The Makers”, an online film series dedicated to the celebration of craftsmanship in the modern world. Each short film features a different artisan, unveiling the stories behind those makers and what it means to be a craftsman by trade in the world today.The idea was to take a cinematic look into each artisan’s personal experience; particularly those which compelled them to practice these age old crafts. Each featured artisan was chosen not only on the quality of their work but the content of their backstories.

The first four films will feature the following:

Brian Esslinger - “The Saddle Maker”
Cate Havstad - “The Hatter”
Eric Dewey - “The Blacksmith”
Thomas McGuane - “The Knife Maker”

Get behind the movement -

Created by: Elliot Lindsey
Directed by: Elliot Lindsey
Produced by: Justin Brodin
Cinematography: Elliot Lindsey, Justin Brodin & Eric Kucinski
Edited by: Elliot Lindsey & Sam Hedlum
Social Manager: Eric Kucinski
Archival footage courtesy of Nima Media -
Production Lighting support courtesy of Westcott Lighting -
Production Equipment support provided by

Made possible in part by the Big Sky Film Grant

Music: Early in the Mornin’ Remix by Hard Comma White

The majority of the trailer was shot on Red Epic with Canon L Series lenses. For the slow motion we use the Phantom Miro LC320. Most high speed photography was shot at 1000 frames per second. We also used the panasonic GH4 4K and some licensed media courtesy of


When some one takes the last slice of pizza. #Throwback. Marc, Russell_McGuan,