mcgonagallforeal said:

Hi! I'm pretty new to Tumblr but I have been finding a lot of cool stuff but I was so excited to find your blog! Even though I am only 19 and only know Dame Maggie through Harry Potter and Hook, I love her. It was an instant attraction really seeing as my name is Maggie Smith as well though I doubt I will ever hold a candle to the Dame :) I am really looking forward to following you :)


Oh how kind you are! With Maggie, age doesn’t matter at all! She has so many generations of fans and gaining new ones every day and it’s wonderful! I’m really glad you like my blog and I hope you enjoy it :)

mcgonagallforeal said:

Love your blog! :) Just wanted to let you know I found it through our share of an obsession for Irish Wolfhounds. I want one too!!!

OHMYGOD! HI! :DDD thank youuu!

and yes irish wolfhounds are GORGEOUS! it would be lovely to have one as a pet/bestfriend :3