Things Well Mastered in Tonights Episode - SHOUT OUTS

1. Shoutouts to Deb, Mary Ann, and Joan as Steve spoke to his father’s grave. 

2. Shoutout to military history with Steve kissing the quarter and leaving it on his father’s gravestone. 

3. Shoutout to Mary existing, and The MacGarrett Kids talking to each other on the day their dad died, because Steve calls her. 

4. Shoutout to Danny being in Jersey with his family, dealing with the fallout of Matthew being dead, due to Steve leaving a voice mail for him.

Five-0. I’m CRAZY PROUD. 

I don’t actually care about much else from tonight (except for that one garage scene with Steve, his Dad, and the Maruis), but OH MY GOD SHOW. LOOK. LOOK. FOR ONE EPISODE. YOU MASTERED SENSIBLE CHARACTER AND STORYLINE SHOUTOUTS. 


You can try but never stop me
This is what I’m made of
I will never ever let go
This is what I’m made of
No one can control me
‘Cause this is what I’m made of
You can hate but never break me
This is what I’m made of

Nause - Made of

Deleted scene from H50, epi 4.15

(Courtesy of Alex O’Loughlin — And Intense Study)


Here’s a copy of the scene where Steve goes to therapy for his PTSD and losing his best friend, Freddie Hart, during his active Navy SEAL duty. Scene starts around the 1:40 mark and goes to the end of the episode. 

This is canon for me forever, too. Because it shouldn’t be on the cutting room floor (with pretty much everything else with Kono-Max, Cath-Dennings, everything Chin) because they were moments that were so much more important to actual character development than everything else Season Four was obsessed with pushing

McGarrett in therapy for his PTSD. Hell yes. Canon for Life.