Because by this point, it had become very apparent that Steve had longed his entire life for a family that would never leave him, and, having created just such a family wanted to give them everything. Literally everything. He would give them his house, money, the shirt off his back. His life. And he would do so because he needed to. Needed to take care of them and lavish them with love.

So, stellarm‘s season 5 series is now complete and if you love Hawaii Five-0 and McDanno and you haven’t already read it (I’m sure many of you already did)… do it. This series is the perfect complement to season 5. For each episode, she wrote a chapter, inserting missing scenes and adding her perfect take on the scenes the show gave us. Staying wonderfully faithful to the show and to the characters, she managed to give us an incredibly emotional story. Thank you again!

“We should have sex,” says Steve, as they’re eating dinner that night.

Danny keeps chewing his lasagne, because Steve has inadvertently built up Danny’s tolerance for weird suggestions.

And in one way, it’s not completely out of left field. If everyone, up to and including some kid neither of them had ever met, thought they were knocking boots, there was probably a reason.

But in another way, it took Danny by surprise. Because Steve hadn’t done anything in the expected order, Danny had come to half believe that maybe all this was just Steve being weird, and had nothing to do with sex or love or romance.

So he ate some more lasagne, and then said. “That is a strange thing to say to a guy over dinner, out of the blue.”


Moving In by westgirl

[screams internally]

Imagine Danny wanting to propose to Steve. No big deal, except Danny is very old fashion he has to get permission from Steve’s family first. Except that poses a problem: Doris is AWOL, Mary is out of town with Joan on vacation and well, Steve’s dad John is dead. Danny thinks long and hard on who he would honestly like to ask this very important question to. 

Danny sits in his car, just out of walking distance from his destination. He takes a deep breathe and then finally gets out of his car. He walks across the lawn until he stops where he needs to at the headstone of “John McGarrett”, then he begins.

“Sir, my name is Danny Williams. I know that we never met before your death but from what I have heard about you from Steve, Mary and Chin, I think we would have gotten along well. Being as you are Steve’s father and the most important thing in his life I thought I would come to you about this, alive or dead. Well in your case, dead-” he chuckles nervously, he must look crazy talking to a headstone in the middle of a cemetery.

“The way it is, is that I love your son. Even though he is a meat head neanderthal gorilla with no sense of danger, but I love him still. And even though as long as I have been with him I have been shot at or even shot at least two dozen times but again that is besides the point. The point is, I want to marry your son, make an honest man out of him, if you will. This is me asking you sir, if I have your blessing to marry your son.” He paused for a minute like he was waiting for some kind of response. 

His phone started to ring with Steve’s ringtone a moment later. “Yeah babe?”

“Where are you at?” Steve asked. 

“Oh I am just taking care of something. I will see you soon okay?” Danny said hanging up. As he said that a white dove appeared out of no where and dropped a flower on top of John’s headstone and then flew off.

A smile came across Danny’s face, “I’ll take that as a yes.” he said to the headstone. “Thank you, sir.”

Imagine Steve taking Grace and Charlie out to dinner one night and he is very serious, Grace picks up on it and Charlie is just oblivious because he is head first into his dessert. Grace finally speaks up and asks him whats wrong and why Danno isn’t with them. 

Steve finally says after a big gulp, “Danno isn’t here because I have to ask you something and Danno can’t know about it.”

Grace side-eyes to Charlie who is still stuffing his face.

Steve reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring, “Gracie, Charlie, do I have your permission to ask Danno to marry me?”

Charlie looks up and sees the ring and shouts “DADDY STEVE!! DADDY STEVE!!”

Steve smiles then looks to Gracie, she smiles and points to Charlie, “What he said.” 

“SO is that a yes?” Steve asks just to be sure.

“Of course that’s a yes.” Gracie gets up to hug Steve as Charlie is waving his dessert covered fork around still yelling “DADDY STEVE!” with a chocolate covered smile.