When Sawyer asked if Jenner cheered when Obama became the first president to even say the word “transgender” in a State of the Union address, the 65-year-old replied that he “would certainly give him credit for that.”

“But not to get political,” Jenner continued, “I’ve never been a big fan, I’m kind of more on the conservative side.”

“Are your a Republican?” Sawyer asked in response, to which Jenner replied, “Yeah! Is that a bad thing? I believe in the constitution.”

“Do you think that would be an unsettling thing for some people in the conservative wing of the party?” Sawyer asked.

“I’ve thought about that,” says Jenner, adding that neither political party has a monopoly on understanding.

Sawyer then asked Jenner if he would go to Mitch McConell and John Boehner and ask them to help champion this cause. Jenner responded that he “would do that in a heartbeat, yes, and I think they would be very receptive.”

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Mitch McConnell Is Proven To Be A Massive Hypocrite- Raising 80% Of Campaign Funds Out Of State

Mitch McConnell Is Proven To Be A Massive Hypocrite- Raising 80% Of Campaign Funds Out Of State

Recently, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attacked his Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes, for out-of-state fundraisers. A spokeswoman for his campaign stated, “[It’s] no surprise that Obama’s liberal Hollywood friends are supporting Alison Lundergan Grimes’ campaign against Mitch McConnell. They’re obviously not concerned about Kentucky’s representation.” In other words,…

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The key thing to remember — and what the GOP hopes you won’t understand — is that raising the debt ceiling only empowers the president to spend money that he’s authorized to spend by Congressional legislation; nothing more. Conversely, a party that refuses to raise the debt limit is saying that it’s prepared to inflict vast damage on America in order to achieve things that it couldn’t achieve through actual legislation — in effect, that it’s prepared to use vandalism to subvert the constitutional process.