these are 2 pieces of a cherry tree that was cut down to pave the way for the hideous purple and yellow Planet Fitness here in Fishtown which i nearly threw out my back trying to save.  originally they weighed over 100lbs each but now only around 80lbs after sitting by my fireplace all winter and enduring the summer heat wave.  they sit atop ball casters and glide effortlessly in any direction. i got the casters from the salvage room at Joseph Fazzio’s metal supply and salvage.  

as best as i can tell by counting the rings, the tree was about 45 yrs old, so it was planted around 1965.  i think thats pretty cool to think how they survived that long in a hot and dirty city uncared for and unloved. 

with the burn/scrape wound still fresh on my thorax…here is one of the two finished chairs that caused the carnage. 

these were made from two trash picked chairs.  when i got them they were covered in Band-Aid colored paint with burlap-esque upholstery.  the maple was all scraps and leftovers from the now defunct tweed restaurant here in PHL. since they were such small pieces i was able to use up some leftover finish that was getting old and otherwise would have gone to waste.  aren’t i GREEN?


Some pictures of the work i did over the winter.  This is the corporate office of Leadnomics/50onRed/RightAction in the Cira center here in Philadelphia.  Nothing like some barn siding to set off the ultra clean and modern office furniture by Vitra. and nothing like some original artworks by best good bro brah MIKE SKI . The shelves are made from bent sheet metal.  The interior design was done by my good friends at     S H O P H O U S E. 


here is the tabletop for a farm table i am building.  it’s 68”x36”x1” and is glued up from only 3 boards.  i had this one white oak board that i have been saving that measured 15” wide.  that’s pretty rare in this day and age and i knew it would make a great table top.  i’m going for the super traditional peasants table here.  i tennoned and pegged the bread board edge.  stoked on how it came out. 

the base will be constructed from some salvaged boards that i got from Revolution Recovery, a construction waste recyclying center here in Philadelphia.  but that’s next weeks project. 


i sure put this off long enough.  south philly kitchen.  sapele/walnut/rosewood/steel/the works

prob the nicest thing i ever made up to that point but that was almost 2 years ago. 

photos by r.mcmullin

***the wine rack was the client specified. 

‘Tell me about Rose Tyler.’ Ali watched as the Doctor peered at some kind of monitor and, satisfied, stepped back from the controls. He turned and beamed at her.
‘Rose? She was funny and tough and clever and resourceful. She saved me, and she saved her boyfriend Mickey, and she saved the whole damned planet.’
‘Oh, you’re in love,’ said Ali with more than a touch of sarcasm.
‘No,’ said the Doctor, and he wasn’t smiling any more. ‘Don’t make that mistake, Ali. Let’s just say she was good company. And I like company.’
‘It must be difficult for you,’ said Ali. ‘Living as long as you do.’
‘Oh, I’ve had so many companions in my life,’ said the Doctor. ‘Susan and Barbara and Ian, Prince Egon, Jamie, Polly, Ella McBrien, Sarah-Jane Smith, Leela … They come, and, inevitably, they go. But without them …’
‘You’re the last lonely Time Lord.’
‘What is it with teenage girls?’ asked the Doctor. ‘Always digging. When I met Rose I’d only recently regenerated. I’m sure you know all about regeneration – you’ve probably got a diploma in it – and I was feeling a bit like a soft-shell crab, waiting for my new shell to harden – if you’ll pardon the analogy. I was still finding my feet. I thought: new body, new start, new companion.’
‘So what happened? Did you ask her?’
‘I did, as it goes. And she turned me down. I’d come on too strong, I guess, played my cards too soon. As I say, I was still adjusting to the regeneration – not quite calibrated. She just looked at me. She’s got a funny face, big mouth and big eyes … a big heart.’
‘You are in love.’

Ali and Nine on the book ‘The Beast of Babylon’  by Charlie Higson

Can I say I were screaming as a fangirl when I read this. *____* Nine you old softie!

JMU football opens at new Big 10 member Maryland

JMU football opens at new Big 10 member Maryland

The new era of

JMU football begins Saturday as Head Coach Everett Withers leads the 2014 Dukes in the season opener at Big Ten Conference-newcomer Maryland.

The game is being televised on the Big Ten Network, with Joe Beninati on the call, Scott McBrien with the analysis and Frank Hanrahan on the sidelines.

The Coaches:

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Sometimes the work I do is stuff that I would want for myself.

These steel steps were built and installed by bill curran who is a friend and mentor of sorts. He has more talent and less ego than anyone I’ve ever worked with. Billcurrandesign.com

I sprayed and installed the reclaimed hemlock treads.