Status Update

Hi there!

I just wanted post a quick update - I’m not dead or anything. School, moving into a new apartment and general life stuff swallowed a lot of time these last few months so I haven’t had much inspiration to work on mBreak in the meanwhile.

Frankly, I’ve gotten kind of tired of mBreak as a game concept - considering I’ve been working on some form of it on and off since the summer of 2013 I’d say that’s still a pretty good run

Don’t worry though - I’ve gotten a great idea of a game where I can reuse a LOT of the work I put into mBreak, and to make sure I actually finish this project I’ve decided to limit the scope of this new idea quite heavily. I want to make sure I get a finished (albeit simple in scope) game out of this project before I get crazy and implement every idea I ever get, ever.

First, I have two exams I have to complete. So.. maybe next weekend?

Good day!