Letter to the Hero

Dear Link,

I have urgent news to discuss with you. Please meet me on the shore of Lake Hylia IMMEDIATELY. Tardiness WILL NOT be tolerated.


Princess Zelda of Hyrule

((Doing this because I can. xD AndI’mbored. It’s TP Zelda by the way-))

The letter arriving at the hero’s humble abode caught him off guard. The mere appearance of the letter made him intrigued. Without hesitation, he readied himself to leave and readied Epona.

Riding as fast as he could coax Epona to go, he arrived at Lake Hylia and looked around. Zelda was here, somewhere, but where she was he didn’t know. He walked around, looking for her highness.


I’m so bored you won’t believe it. I’d love to roam around Berlin but as it is I’m still stuck in this 2,400 people village.

So if you’re as mbored as I am, feel free to add me on snapchat or instagram (both werethechemists), kik (flawed.design), or even twitter (poetry_of_dance) … I’m easy to please :D

anonymous said:

Are you okay with the questions your gf gettings?

Yeah aha. Uh, the one guy/girl sounds like haven’t gotten any action before or for a long time so they come off as really thirsty. Which I think is kinda funny, but yeah I don’t mind. askmemorethingsI’mbored

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Jajaja :D Que mbore :D