Hey guys, it’s Erik and I want to talk a little bit about Makeblock’s mBot-Vehicle. This new device provides a great opportunity to make first steps programming a robot. On the next photo, you see the mBot, that is bases on a very stable metal chassis.

Let’s see, which kind of sensors and other electronic stuff is already on board:

  • Ultrasonic-Sensor
  • Bluetooth-Module
  • Light-Sensor
  • Line-Finder
  • IR-Sensor
  • RGB-LEDs (2x)
  • Buzzer
  • Button

And in addition, we have 4 RJ-25 sockets on the baseboard to connect other sensors or equipment. So let’s take a closer look at the top of the mBot. Here we see the different sensors an other modules:

 On the bottom, we see the two motors and the line-finder:

You certainly can imagine, we have a lot of stuff to control the mBot in many ways. There is also an IR-Remote Control available in this kit:

So you can control the mBot with many bottons. In the following YouTube-Video, I will introduce the mBot in order to get a feeling, what I’m talking about:

As you already saw in the video, it’s really easy to program the mBot with the mBlock-Application. If you need more information, take a look at my mBlock-Blog: http://mblock-application.tumblr.com/

In order to program the mBot, please go to the website http://learn.makeblock.cc/learning-scratch/ and download the appropriate driver.

Concluding remark

There’s so much to tell… Makeblock designed a great robot-vehicle and I had a lot of fun playing around with all that stuff.

And as I already said in my mBlock-Blog:

Take care of yourself and sometimes take a rest. You’ll need the power for your next projects!



For more information, have look at:






Latest mBlock-Verstion

PS: My new book deals with Scratch and cool electronic projects. Makeblock’s mBlock-Application is part of many projects. So if you want, take a look at my website:



Final evolution of Froakie, the evolution of Helioptile and the pre-evolution for both gender of Meowstic.

I don’t really care frankly if those are fakes or my tryout are really far away from what will be revealed, I jut had fun it with. And honestly, I believe this person… Seems just so much legit. Oh well, I had fun with these that’s the most important! :D Sorry guys!


Fanart of Dinosaur Planet’s Krystal and Sabre by MBlock of Deviantart!

Seeing any fanart for Dinosaur Planet is a real treat, since the game’s pretty unknown to people outside the whole “cancelled game research” loop (if that’s the word for it idk). These are probably the best fanarts of the game I’ve seen so far!

For those curious about Dinosaur Planet, some info and screens can be found here. I made some contributions to their gallery some years back, and if you happen to go on the Unseen64 forums, you might find a few of my old posts there. Kinda want to get back on there, but aside from that I think I forgot my password and all, I don’t really have any new theories or contributions to report, really. :c

Might post some screenshots and whatnot on here, though. Dunno when, but I got some artworks and screenshots and stuff saved. >v> 


I was politely asked to make a tutorial on how I do my linearts, so I did this. I’m sorry it’s not really a tutorial, but when it come to explaining drawing, I really lacks words. I hope the pictures will give you a bit of a clue of how I do my things! 

The stuff I usually use to draw: Wacom Tablet (PTK-440), a big computer screen (+25po), Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS6. You can try my technique on any program that support the “lock alfa” function.
If you don’t have any of those programs, you can try oekaki and use Chibi Paint. It’s online but it’s free and supports all the my requirements for my style. :)

the final drawing

Please tell me if you a using my tutorial! I’d really like to see your drawings! You can MP me or add #pc4sh in your tags. <3

mBot, um novo projecto para despertar interesse das crianças para a robótica (Vídeo)

mBot, um novo projecto para despertar interesse das crianças para a robótica (Vídeo)

A startup Makeblock desenvolveu o mBot, um projecto que tem como objectivo despertar o interesse das crianças para a programação e para a robótica.

O kit de robótica mBot, que está actualmente na plataformade crowdfunding Kickstarter, funciona com a mBlock, uma ferramenta de programação baseada no Scratch 2.0, e é constituído por um controlador baseado no Arduino UNO, por diversos sensores, um…

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