Un:c covered Rerulili's “Middle Schooler Disease Outburst Boy” ! 

Fish Sculpture: Made by an Unknown Artist at Rio`s UNCED

Thousands of Plastic Bottles have been used to build these giantic Sculptures. They have been illuminated at the beach to draw Attention to massive Pollution of Plastic Debris in the Oceans.

More Pics and Information here


I will learn from this mistake and prevent it in the future.

As soon as I have access to all of my syllabi tomorrow, I will print them off, come home, and write deadlines on my calendar so I do not have the excuse of “I didn’t know.”

I have the resources, I need to use them.

If I would have done this exam, I would have gotten around a B in the class. It’s not that I do not know the material, I just did not stay on top of the drop boxes in D2L.

*this is me taking ownership so I feel less like a blob about it. Thanks to everyone that messaged me support. <3 I know live goes on, but no one likes to feel like a disappointment or failure. boo.*