NBA Draft 2011 - Matthew Bryan-Amaning

As many of you know, I’m a huge Basketball fan and I’ll be staying up a while to watch some of the NBA draft tonight but I’ll also be waking up at 6am to try and get myself some London 2012 Olympic tickets.

Anyway, one of my main interests tonight is where Matthew Bryan-Amaning gets drafted. Bryan-Amaning is a 6,9 Power Forward from London. He played for Washington College throughout his college career and is a prospected late second round pick. The reason why I’m so interested in him is not only because he’s British but I’ve seen him play in real-life. I saw him when he was 16, still around 6,8 and he played in the u16 3v3 tournament at Harlow. He dominated the whole tournament and was obviously just too big and strong for his opponents. I remember his team was down 2 in the semi-final of the tournament and there were 20 seconds left on the clock. He took the ball outside the three-point line, palmed the ball at the end of his out-stretched arm and just waited for the clock to wind down. He hit a 3 with 1 second to go, for the win, with a defender, albeit a lot smaller, right in his grill. I was just amazed at how big and how skilled he was, the confidence for such a young player. It was my first real exposure to an elite basketball player.

After playing all afternoon in the U16 tournament he then went and played for a team in the mens tournament. After seeing him in the afternoon and knowing that he was playing in the evening a lot of people stayed to watch. He still dominated the court, even against players double his age and made it to the finals with his team.

His team was eventually beaten in the finals by a team from Ware. They had a guy that was on holiday in England visiting family that had pre-draft workouts with the New Jersey Nets a few weeks before. This was when they were good too, not with Jay-Z and a potential Brooklyn move but with 3 all-stars in Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson.

MBA has played for Team GB as a senior, U20, U18 and U16 as far as I’m aware he’ll be playing in the future. I hope the next time I see him play (August for Team GB) he’ll have a contract with an NBA team. Best of luck tonight MBA!

I have seen that my stress is more or less equivalent to the number of windows I have running in the background. I’m proud to announce that this week is a relatively easy one :)

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//I bet @rawritskendrick has 25x more going on(if compared on a easy week), possibly 50x on a bad week if such a thing exists



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