Tobacco is not what it seems. It does not relieve stress. It only provides a fix for those who are addicted to it. Don’t be fooled by the mirage.

One of the most common myths about smoking is that it relieves stress. A review of 30 international studies on smoking and stress found this to be false. (1) In fact, the relief smokers feel is not from stress. It’s the relief from having a nic fit – aka withdrawal symptoms. It’s like the relief an addicted drug user feels after getting a fix. There are plenty of things you can do that actually do relieve stress and won’t kill you. Like listening to music or working out.


Don’t worry if your local playground is covered in snow. Just turn that snow into a playground! That’s what happened last month in Kiruna, Sweden for the 2015 Kiruna Snow Festival. Swedish designers PINPIN, ICEHOTEL and others collaborated on a variety of awesome snow and ice creations specifically made to be played on, including a maze featuring 10-foot-tall walls, a pair of slides, a huge snow lantern, four egg-shaped seats and benches made of ice. This wonderful winter playground is open to the public and will remain so until it all melts, most likely sometime in April.

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