A lot of people forget that the mayor was actually a huge asshole because he doesn’t talk anymore. My headcanon is that he silently judges people in his head, and nobody suspects a thing because he’s so cute.
“Dave your can pyramid is shit and so are your shades.”
“Karkat you smell like a dead rat.”
“Terezi stop acting like an imbecile and put the fucking can villains in can prison before they kill another citizen.”

One Republican mayor just marched 273 miles to Washington in support of Obamacare

Adam O’Neal, the Republican mayor of Belhaven, N.C., just walked 273 miles in support of Obamacare.

O’Neal is conservative and while he hasn’t fully embraced the Affordable Care Act — “I understand some of the suspicions political leaders in my party have,” he told the Washington Post — his state’s decision to reject the expansion of Medicaid and one tragic death in his community paved the way for a political stand.

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