September 16th

¡Feliz Día de la Independencia! / Happy Mexican Independence Day!

It’s why we launched in Dollar Tree recently. My dad needs to be able to buy this mayo and not even think about whether it is healthy or affordable. Food should be healthier and more affordable for regular people or it won’t even mean anything.
—  Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick • Discussing why his company chose to introduce its plant-based mayonnaise Just Mayo—which relies on food science to match its egg-based equivalent as closely as possible—to Dollar Tree, a store that sells most of its items for just $1 each. Tetrick’s approach here, inspired by his dad’s own choice to shop at Dollar Tree, is unlike most veggie food companies; he says that’s important, because his goal is ultimately to bring his vegan food substitutes to the mass market.

Enséñame que el amor es más que ir juntos de la mano, más que besarnos en público, más que escribirnos cualquier cursilería, más que llamarte por teléfono todas las noches…

Enséñame que el amor vale la pena. Enséñame que tú vales la pena.

—  Fue Un Mayo 22, Una Escritora Amateur

Camila’s Ustream 07.05.14