Public Pledge

Alright here it goes…I’m taking a public pledge on Tumblr to work out for a whole month (At least). The more people I tell, the more I’ll feel accountable for keeping up with this exercise regime. I’m actually on my third day today and took some “before” pictures. I plan on working out enough to (hopefully) see substantial progress in 1 month. I’ll post before and after pictures on June 17th if I feel comfortable/see a good bit of difference. I’ll post my progress in writing though! I might post pictures later on when I see more of a difference that I am actually proud of. Anyways, MAY MUSCLE HERE I COME!

here is my #before picture, I have been on and off the #maymuscle but hopefully I will be able to stick to it this month.I have a really #bigbutt I hate it so hopefully I can make my body more #tone #june1#saturday #morning #yesterday #juneonfire
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Exercise Journal - Day 31


  • Pippa’s Butt Workout
  • Inner Thigh Clarity
  • Flapper Dance Practice

I also went on a casual bike ride for just over 30 minutes :)

So, may is over, and I can’t wait to see what June has to bring! I planned to start running June 1st, but I still don’t have running shoes, so why not start Insanity? So, I will start running June 5th - which is a weird day to start, a Wednesday. Till then, Insanity PLEASE don’t kill me. On the other hand, try ;)

Also, I will be doing the 30 day Yoga challenge, so wait for that!