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Lately I have been lacking inspiration (especially in my school art class) but every time I come back here I get all motivated again. Your parcels and photos make me want to paint a master piece all over again <3

This blows my mind. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. Maybe one day we can swap ^.^

Day 57 of 365 Throw back Thursday. This is one of 3 pictures I allowed to be taken at prom. I hated my hair, I actually loved my dress, but above all I absolutely hated my weight. It hurt more knowing that while taking these photos they were just another life moment I would never get back. I will never have a prom photo were I think I look gorgeous. That’s the upsetting part for me. I weighed around 218 in this photo and I am less than 10 lbs. Away from hitting this weight again. Next progress photo maybe I’ll take it in my dress.

Jokes of the Week – February 22-28, 2015

Facebook introduced a new feature to help prevent suicides. It automatically adds 20 pounds to any photo of your ex.

A New York state senator wants to ban machetes. There goes my trick for getting a seat on the subway.

An Atlanta man stole five pet tarantulas from another man’s crawlspace and sold them. The victim was shocked, telling reporters, “Imagine my horror when I looked in my crawlspace and saw it wasn’t full of tarantulas.”

Israel was unable to get the leaders of even moderate Arab nations to agree to attend Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Maybe the problem was that they addressed the invitations to “one of the good ones.”

New York City is relaxing the rules at public schools to allow orthodox preschoolers to pray during class. In other words, double naptime!

Ducktales is coming back to TV. The first episode has all the residents of Duckburg picketing Scrooge McDuck’s house with signs that say “We are the 99%”

A study found that sufferers of ADHD are twice as likely to die young. This would be depressing news for them, but they’re not listening

Harrison Ford has signed on to star in a sequel to his 1982 movie Blade Runner. Fans of the original may remember it ended with an unanswered question about whether Ford’s character was a robot. Seeing how he’s aged, I guess we have our answer.

An Italian doctor says that a human head transplant could be possible within the next two years. “Could you go any faster?” asked a severed head.

A police dog that went missing in Ohio was found 61 days later. He was working undercover and got in too deep. He forgot he was a good boy.

When I see tagged photos of my ex on fb I get embarrassed.

One of my old friends who’s in a band with my ex always gets tagged in photos with him in it and I get embarrassed looking at them.
I just remember the way this guy was to me and it repulses me so much. I don’t hate him, but I truly don’t like the person he is. The best thing he did for me was let me walk in on him cuddling another girl on the couch. It made me silent towards him after I smacked them both around. I just think of all the other shit he pulled and it gets me even more embarrassed that I dated him. He didn’t want to pull himself together then and he’s still the dead end dude he was back in the day. I missed out on a lot because of him. I completely let him control me because I thought that was what love was. I wasn’t allowed to see friends or go out. I wasn’t even allowed to take my drivers license test. I didn’t get my license until I got with my husband and I was 18-years old. I think I felt like this was okay because I never had a father figure so involved in my life to tell me what to do. My grandparents were amazing at raising me, but they were old and worn out from raising 5 of their own. I pretty much taught myself right from wrong with men. I wasn’t really supposed to be dating anyway because my grandpa was a crazy Minnesota man who was in The Marines and was just completely old school. The only guy my grandpa ever liked that I brought home was my husband. My grandma is absolutely obsessed with him, as are my mom and step dad. When I turned 18-years old my biological father got in touch with me and picked me up a few times to hangout. He was always kinda pushy, trying to get me to call him “Dad” and say “I love you” and I felt really uncomfortable which I thought he understood until Father’s Day of 2009. Robert and I were barely a month in our relationship. I told him my dad was going to come pick me up for Father’s Day and about 2 hours later I called him from a pay phone off the Roy Rogers exit in Victorville asking him to come get me. My biological Dad asked me to tell him I loved him on the way up to his house and I said to stop being pushy he took my phone and threw it out onto the freeway, turned around and told two of my brothers that “I was a terrible person and I didn’t love my siblings” I told him to pull the car over and let me get my phone (frantically thinking) He pulled the car over and I got out and what of course happened next? The fuck face drove off with me on the freeway. I had an 8th of shrooms and 2 grams of weed in my purse which I tossed out onto the freeway. A cop came and got me eventually and took my to the nearest off ramp and gave me a $1 to call Robert. I never found my phone. I was so embarrassed, but I knew no one else would understand what happened or who would be willing to drive all the way to Victorville to pick me up. As crazy as it sounds that day really brought us together and made us realize things about each other.

I would have never had this with anyone else. I know my husband is truly one of those guys you find few and far between. To say he treats me like a queen is an understatement. He’s amazing and now that my grandpa has passed, he’s the only man in my life. I adore my step dad, but we hardly see each other anymore so it’s just nice to have Robert. I love himmmmm. I truly lucked out so hard that I question it sometimes when I’m just sitting or laying down. We are what you see on television. And everyone fucking deserves a man that makes them feel completely secure and trusting. I do whatever I want and I don’t think ever once have I been questioned for going out or doing something. We respect each other and when it’s bad we work through it because it could never be so bad to where we won’t want to fix it. Some days I’m just super depressed for no reason and he’s totally supportive of it because he just knows the way I am. I never have to “talk about it’” when there’s really nothing to even talk about. I can just text him and say “I need to poop so bad” and he will say something stupid back to make me laugh. I love the universe for gifting me him.

“I learned a lot about falling in love when I fell out of love
I learned a lot about being a friend when I was alone
Well I played with fire, I burned it all down
I’ve made more mistakes than you can count”