”[…] But there may be a more mutually beneficial solution to all this: what if I were to remain with your crew?” It makes sense - I forgo payment for the schedule in exchange for my share of the prize. You proceed with your plan; when the time comes for me to reveal the last piece, I will be right by your side. If what I tell you is in any way incorrect, well, you can do with me what you will.”

And when the Urca’s ours, what’s to stop me from killing you anyway?"

"Well, that’s a few weeks from now, isn’t it? We might be friends by then!"

When my older sister is mad at me she comes in to my room like moms usually do. She knocks and comes in when I say “what” and not “come in.” She proceeds to REALLY LOUDLY talk to my younger sister and ask her if she wants to do something really fun that only they can do. While she is in another room playing xbox or something, she tells my younger sister that I’m mad/mean/rude/whatever she thinks I was that day. Congratulations sister for inheriting the trait my dad has that makes him emotionally manipulate my little sister to get back at me. You are really a great person.