Secret Admirer (Part 3)

Part 1 and Part 2

just remember you all asked for more after that first one… and Ruru and I aim to, uh, please.

By the time Makoto makes it home that night Rin is already gone.  There are only a few clothes missing along with his smaller duffel bag so Makoto can only assume he’s gone into hiding for a few days and will be home soon.  He scrolls through his phone as he gets ready for a shower and sends a quick text off.

He’s not at your place is he?

The reply doesn’t surprise him.  

No.  Shit he’s not home?

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I’m thinking of maybe trying vblogging. Like - do something along the lines of a weekly feature. Would you guys be interested? I wouldn’t want to work on them and find that nobody will watch :)) Be honest! Send me an ask, reply to this post, anything :)

Thank you so much for your opinions!

Hugs and cookies! <3

if cas/hannah becomes a thing I’m gonna cry bc it will be so cute to see them maybe being all cute together, like picking flowers, owning a bee farm, smiting demons together, and having picnics
and then having to see hannah suffer as cas’ stolen grace fades and he loses more and more strength and she can’t do much but try and heal him every day until one day cas doesn’t let her and she kicks some ass here and there until she manages to get cas’ own grace back but it’s too late (✿⊙‿⊙)