Is anyone else really mild mannered usually but super violent minded?

 Like, someone can bump into me and I’m just like ‘oh it’s ok’ but in my head I’m like ‘if you touch me one more time I’m going to shove my foot so far up your ass that the dentist will be picking my toes from between your teeth’.

how-much-farther-to-go asked:

Do you think that maybe GRRM deliberately wrote in a parallel between Gerion Lannister and Benjen Stark?: the younger sibling who takes a softer approach to inheriting the family legacy, leaves the ancestral home, and disappears into history without a trace partly because of it?

…maybe. Though Benjen was at least an active part of the story in the first book, whereas Gerion has only appeared in memories.

Also I’m not sure “a softer approach to the family legacy” is exactly the right comparison. Their motivations, actions, and the attitudes of the rest of the family, are all very different.

Gerion felt it was “better to mock the game than to play and lose,” so made jokes rather than compete with Tywin. His trip to Valyria to find Brightroar might be considered supporting the Lannister legacy, but Tywin considered it a “fool’s quest”. And it’s true he never married, but he also left at least one bastard for the family to support.

Whereas Benjen… per GRRM, he was the Stark in Winterfell during Robert’s Rebellion, and left for the Night’s Watch shortly after Ned came home with Jon (and Catelyn and Robb). The Starks have always been friends of the Watch, and many younger sons have been members… although he may have had a more personal reason to join. Benjen never married, but he also joined a celibate organization that supports the realm altruistically.

So it’s sort of a parallel… but also very much an “adventurous third son” fairy tale trope with lots of differences when you come down to the details. But if we ever find out what happened to either one of them, maybe we’ll find more parallels, and we’ll be able to see if it’s something GRRM deliberately did or if it’s just a coincidence.

¿Por qué dicen que cuando uno se enamora no come?

- Quizás porque el corazón se alimenta del amor que le entrega la otra persona.

Pero ¿ Y qué pasa cuando esa persona no es correspondida y uno está enamorado?

- Quizás es porque se alimenta… pero de ilusiones.

I’m doing pause and paints for class and I picked to do Ratatouille and I totally got distracted actually WATCHING the movie. Fuck this movie is so good.

And I JUST realized that Ian Holm is Skinner.

Dammit Bilbo