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The spoilers for Downton say that eventually everyone downstairs will know about Thomas's situation and in the new episode there will be an argument and everyone will try to put in their two cents. My theory is that Thomas will overhear this argument and run out into the rain and then Ms. Hughes will come out to comfort him and tell him that no matter what happens she will always respect him. Jimmy will see this from the windows and realize how heart broken Thomas is and try to make things right

Oh, good thoughts, I like this theory!

I think, too, that Mrs Hughes is on Thomas’ side, like Bates and probably Anna. Carson most likely feels “bound” to fire him, especially because Jimmy seems to want it. There is also a promo photo of Anna, Hughes and Bates standing in front of Carson’s desk, look quite “judging” at him, so I bet they will “fight” for Thomas, while Carson is torn, Jimmy panicking and the rest of the staff confused about what to think.

Although, if Jimmy really wants to have Thomas fired…. I doubt that. I think Jimmy is highly panicking, because O’Brien remarks that if he doesn’t report Thomas, others will think he didn’t mind at all, and that could also be dangerous for Jimmy. Still think he’s super closeted and doesn’t want to be connected in any way to homosexuality; why? Just scroll his tag, everyone, enough theories given that explain it. But at the same time he doesn’t want to report Thomas, because Thomas is gay, and because I am convinced Jimmy does like him (romantically or not is hard to tell atm).

But you know, even if Thomas stays and we won’t have a romance between him and Jimmy at the end of the Christmas Special (latest), than I still have hopes and theories that the writers might set the grounds for a romance. Because, as I said, I believe Jimmy likes Thomas -being gay, and basically the only person he sees as a friend in Downton- but is horribly torn between feelings and job/reputation. O’Brien is really not helping here……….

And should it be the case that Thomas has to leave because of Jimmy, I think Jimmy will regret it, though, even if he doesn’t say it.

Thomas is 100% angst, Jimmy is 100% fear. And see, this is why I think they are perfect for each other! Jimmy could help Thomas to feel better about himself and just feel accepted; and Thomas could just prove Jimmy that homosexuality at this time is not the end of the world, because you can still find happiness, if you really mean it.

Sorry for keeping this post rather short and unsorted. I’m tired.

And sorry for turning this post in a Thomas/Jimmy thing, when you were only talking about THomas’ fate in general ><

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The Abandon - the pilot episode of a web series

Les Saignantes (The Bleeders) - a sci-fi Black girl cult erotic flick 

Pumzi - a good short afro-futurist flick 

also, anything by sun-ra, although he doesn’t really delve into dramas. 

Mayathestrange is looking for psychological thrillers / horror films with Black folks in them. my list is quite minuscule  so if anyone else knows of any others, feel free to add to the list. 

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I saw that you wrote in another post that the servants know that Thomas is gay, when did this happen? Maybe I missed an episode or something but I don't think they know that he's gay. Given how conservative Carson is and the homophobic time period they live in, if anyone found out that he was gay he would happily be thrown in jail by anyone in the house.

Fair enough. I have no proof that they know, but I think some do:

1. I think we can say that at least O’Brien does know.

2. "He’s not a ladies’ men! (…) Thomas is a troubled soul!" (Mrs Patmore, S1.) Mrs Patmore obviously knows as well.

3. Daisy is totally oblivious as we already know xD

4. Gwen asks Thomas after Pamuk’s death, how he could know that Pamuk always ‘tried to live each day as if it was his last' (or something along these lines).  So she doesn't know, either.

5. "I don’t like the direction this conversation is taking." (Carson S3, Ep4) Does Carson know? Hm. I wouldn’t deny it, because it’s the only way I can figure what his comment could have meant. It’s true that he is very conservative -Gosh, poor Ethel!-, still I could imagine that he discovered it after Thomas was already working for a while in Downton. And Thomas might be snarky to others, but he is doing a good job, so probably Carson first told Robert, and they decided to let Thomas stay, because  he’s a good servant and not behaving in anyway inappropriate to the other male staff Back then, haha! ORZ.

6. “Dressing and Undressing is an intimate business. We might have forgiven Thomas his earlier sins, but I doubt I will ever fully trust him again.” (Robert to Carson in the Christmas Special) See notes about Carson, but it is really the first sentence that makes me believe Robert knows/ suspects it. 

- - - - - - - 

Overall I just think some of the older staff might probably know about Thomas’ homosexuality; just because they’ve worked for quite a long time with him already, and both Mrs Patmore and Carson are very observant people. 

For some reason I have absolutely no evidence for, I think also Anna might know. Just a feeling, because she’s smart xD

I doubt that the young staff -Daisy, Gwen, the other maids- know.

However, I totally get your point when you talk about the conservative times, but I also believe that as long as Thomas doesn’t cause any trouble because of his homosexuality -and until Jimmy he hadn’t; Carson didn’t know about Pamuk or Crowborough- Carson and Robert let him stay, because why make extra trouble with searching for a new footman?! 

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll see who knew and who not. What reminds me…. *sobbing*