maya-brooks replied to your photo: Matthew reacts to the New ULTRA-DNA Sex Toy…

too cute (also… why name something like that ULTRA-DNA i thought it’d be cooler)

I know it just kind of looks like if the Barbie company went into sex toys

like this looks like something I would have bought at a garage sale at the age of 7, except it has a dick coming out of it 

screamingcrawfish replied to your photoMatthew reacts to the New ULTRA-DNA Sex Toy…

is he reacting and eating a moon pie

no he is reacting and eating a pb&j

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welcome to the fold, this series is so fun and densely packed eith references, i’ve watched it 5 times and still find new details each time

i’ve been literally smooshing my face every time someone does or says something particularly horrible or embarrassing which is like, all the time. they’re really likable in a really bad way. wow so many references, this is probably the most fun i’ve had watching a tv series in a while

maya-brooks replied to your post: really dedicated to thinking about what happened…

consistently wondering how the civilian population on pandora exists and functions and how sane on a scale of cardboard to vault hunter they are

cardboard to vault hunter omg

but ever since i realized all the bandits are male i’ve been super curious about this? like i know for a fact that is just laziness on gearbox’s part bc we know there were female dahl workers and the gender divide on pandora actually seems much less social and much more individualized but???? there’s got to be famililies out there there’s got to be “innocents” that roland was trying to protect and jack was trying to convert we just…. never really see them….. for some reason…… i mean we see the hodunks and the zafords and the citizens of overlook and sanctuary exist but opportunity is empty, we never see very many tiny settlements, i just want these things so much :(

sybilreiszs asked:

6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 17~


6. If you could go on a free vacation anywhere in the world, and take five other people with you, where would you go and who would you take?

oh man umm. It’s totally the mark of a internaut that the part that’s exciting is getting to take five people with me.

I think I’d bring…. Matthew, Leah, Audrey and you and Sarah??? because that sounds like a group of people who would get along and all have fun together ^u^ oh man. and we should probably just go somewhere snowy and cold and camp out in a cozy little log cabin and bake and drink wine and hot chocolate and have snowball fights. Yes.

7. What was your first fandom?

Glee, I’m sad to say. :C I mean… there were other things that I was into before that like I really loved Harry Potter and AtLA before I discovered internet fandom. But like… it was Glee. Try as I might to pretend it wasn’t Glee, it was Glee.

8. What is your favorite fandom you’ve ever been in?

Homestuck I think! Like… the bad parts of it are pretty fucking bad but I just really like the ~creative atmosphere~ and like. God Homestuck is so weird. What a weird thing to try to interpret artistically. I feel like people are really inspired by the idiosyncrasy of Homestuck and it’s really gr8.

9. What is one physical trait you find attractive?

long crooked noses. i was going to say bushy eyebrows but then I was like everyone knows kendra

14. What was the last song you played on repeat?

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

17. What is your favorite kind of pie?

Cherry mmmm