Así se comenzó una historia: era un pueblo de luz,  de colorido, de transparente mirar. Era un pueblo de amor que se hablaba de tú con las estrellas y los dioses venían a copular con las hijas de los hombres. Era de oro, de serpientes emplumadas era pero llegó el conquistador enfundado en el acero, enfundado en sus complejos de cruz y de valor. Bajó entonces la sangre a juntarse con la sangre; un río de violación se mestizó en el tiempo…


IT’S FINALLY DONE!!!!! I am honestly so proud of this, it took so damn long to paint. Everything is made by me except the weapon, my hubby made that, I just wrapped and painted it. Materials used are wonderflex, EVA foam, craft foam, PVC, fabric paint, bolts and wire/cables. Lady KRIEG IS HERE TO CONDUCT YOUR POOP TRAIN. uh…or maybe just take your scalp. Whatever you’re comfortable with. I just made a cosplay page! Not much up yet but there will be! /p>

3D Learning Resources

This is not coding related, I know, but gamedev-learning related enough to be here! :) I’ve been asked about learning resources for 3D modeling and tried to make a list of tutorials I could remember - I’m highlighting the ones I’ve tried myself but I’ve heard good things about all of these. This list is low poly focused but the knowledge can be applied for anything else. 

I haven’t been doing this for long - I started learning 3D last July and have been ever since but as a 2D artist the technical side of it still overwhelms me a lot. I’ve gone nowhere near animation yet but I’ve been adventuring with low poly quite a lot (which you can check out in #GemuNoGemu, image above - I also put up assets pics in a Trello here as well as stuff on my website). I mainly use Maya (now Maya LT) but I’ve been trying to tackle Blender too. Here are some helpful goodies:


  • I started learning Maya with this series of videos on youtube by Misterh3d. I watched through units 1-7 and it’s a pretty great introduction! Nicely paced, covers a bunch you gotta know.
  • A series on Low poly for game assets using Maya 2015


All things 3D/low poly:

Cool Misc stuff:

  • Blender Cycles rendering introduction
  • Creating flat colored low poly art. This is how I currently color all assets for Gemu (I used to color using materials or vertex colors before because I can’t stand UV unwrapping but this is a pretty easy alternative) 
  • Please do check the Polycount forum, so many cool references and useful info! Also do check their low poly thread :)
  • There’s also reddit’s /low_poly

Study Files:

  • Cocefi kindly uploaded a low poly model for download here :)
  • You can download models on Sketchfab! Here are some popular low poly ones
  • Lots of cool Cinema 4D project files for download here
  • (I’ll share some Gemu stuff soon! Lemme know if you have any files you’d be willing to share :D)

Rad people making awesome 3D stuff:

This is it for now! :) I know it’s short but I hope I can keep it growing - I’ll add more stuff to it as I find other tuts (let me know if you have any suggestions!).


favourite the 100 moments
       ˪ monty green + 3 times he’s been annoyed af because of maya’s existence.