soooooo, my buddy hellbucket and me started playing Borderlands 2 together
he is playing Axton while i play Maya

and at some point he wanted to highfive claptrap what resulted in him falling through the ground and literally vanishing from the face of earth
all i could see was his name between my tears of laughter x’D

he tried to jump up again, what then ended in him being stuck in a wall like this



THE Terminal Classic period in Mesoamerica between c. 800 and 925 CE saw one of the most dramatic civilization collapses in history. Within a century or so the flourishing Classic Maya civilization fell into a permanent decline, so that once great cities were abandoned and left to ruin, in many cases, to be reclaimed by the jungle and so disappear from human memory for centuries. 

Some northern Maya cities, conversely, prospered like never before in this period, as did the Maya along the Gulf Coast and central highlands of Mexico; however, for the majority of the Maya in the southern lowlands, the period was nothing short of disaster and, as the historian M.E. Coe describes, “This was surely one of the most profound social and demographic catastrophes of all human history”.

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Info by Mark Cartwright on Ancient HIstory Encyclopedia 

The Maya archaeological site of Muyil, located in the modern State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is thought to date from approximately the Middle Formative period (before 400 BC), and was continuously occupied up to the arrival of the Spanish. From this point it was abandoned, with no evidence of Maya or European occupation until the 1800s.

Photo taken by Cristopher Gonzalez.