I thought I could post some of the artist alley stuff I made for the latest con! So, yeah, I made a sticker set from Borderlands 2! I was supposed to make one for BL1 too, but didn’t manage to finish all the characters in time. I’m probably gonna finish those for the next AA (plus hopefully making the DLC characters for BL2 as well!). Also available from my RedBubble-store!

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:i don't understand why lucaya isn't going to be canon compared to rucas i mean it has so much more potential and character development rather than the cliché petty middle school crushes that fall in love. girl meets world is it's own show and it's not the same as boy meets world therefore it should not have the same love dynamic, or no one should even date at all. i think it should either be lucaya or no love interests at all to show the younger generation you don't need a man to survive. what i'm trying to say is that lucaya is much more interesting that the usual cliché rucas middle school crush ending up forever. can you imagine how boring their relationship would be in the future? it would be the same thing over and over again but maya would bring excitement into lucas' life. furthermore, farkle is the perfect one for riley because he's quirky and they have the same thinking and they can understand her. plus, he would never hurt her and lucas is dangerous ground and we all want riley angel matthews to be safe and protected. and if he would ever hurt maya she'd punch him in the face. the point is lucaya and riarkle should be endgame
3D Learning Resources

This is not coding related, I know, but gamedev-learning related enough to be here! :) I’ve been asked about learning resources for 3D modeling and tried to make a list of tutorials I could remember - I’m highlighting the ones I’ve tried myself but I’ve heard good things about all of these. This list is low poly focused but the knowledge can be applied for anything else. 

I haven’t been doing this for long - I started learning 3D last July and have been ever since but as a 2D artist the technical side of it still overwhelms me a lot. I’ve gone nowhere near animation yet but I’ve been adventuring with low poly quite a lot (which you can check out in #GemuNoGemu, image above - I also put up assets pics in a Trello here as well as stuff on my website). I mainly use Maya (now Maya LT) but I’ve been trying to tackle Blender too. Here are some helpful goodies:


  • I started learning Maya with this series of videos on youtube by Misterh3d. I watched through units 1-7 and it’s a pretty great introduction! Nicely paced, covers a bunch you gotta know.
  • A series on Low poly for game assets using Maya 2015


All things 3D/low poly:

Cool Misc stuff:

  • Blender Cycles rendering introduction
  • Creating flat colored low poly art. This is how I currently color all assets for Gemu (I used to color using materials or vertex colors before because I can’t stand UV unwrapping but this is a pretty easy alternative) 
  • Please do check the Polycount forum, so many cool references and useful info! Also do check their low poly thread :)
  • There’s also reddit’s /low_poly

Study Files:

  • Cocefi kindly uploaded a low poly model for download here :)
  • You can download models on Sketchfab! Here are some popular low poly ones
  • Lots of cool Cinema 4D project files for download here
  • (I’ll share some Gemu stuff soon! Lemme know if you have any files you’d be willing to share :D)

Rad people making awesome 3D stuff:

This is it for now! :) I know it’s short but I hope I can keep it growing - I’ll add more stuff to it as I find other tuts (let me know if you have any suggestions!).