Five plates from vol. 3 of Antiquities of Mexico - “fac-similie of an original Mexican painting preserved in the Borgian Museum, at the College of Propaganda in Rome.”

Antiquities of Mexico is a 9 volume folio set produced between 1831 and 1848 which reproduced codices and artwork from Mesoamerica held in European collections. Unfortunately we have not digitized all the text volumes which contain (some) notes on the contents and meanings of the plates so I can provide no additional context for these incredible art works. 

There’s something really beautiful about a raw scene in Maya’s viewport. No compositing or post effects- just raw polygons, simple shaders, and all the other weird Maya shit. I love it. Maybe I’ll post more imagery like this.

(BTW, I’ve been working on a big project and haven’t posted much lately, but a large amount of work is about to come down hard on this little blog. Stay tuned!)


Sorry for a lot of personal blogging lately, so here’s some stuff I’m up to.

I recently got the urge to try 3D again. I tried before with a different character but I wanted to do it with someone I really care about, Poppin. He’s an albino ladybug who goes on adventures with his friend Jupa, a scarecrow. This is a first rough attempt at modeling him, and later I’m going to attempt rigging and animating him.

Carrie is still in progress, I’ll fill on how that’s going on Friday as usual but I recently submitted to a college-based event, I’m hoping I’ll be able to see how people react to playing it. It’s dumb of me but I haven’t really tested it outside a few friends.

yes but i am so here for lucas loving maya so much that everyone and their mother knows it and maya’s got like a suspicion but thinking that he’s supposed to be riley’s soulmate so no way but he does and everyone makes little comments on it and lucas is just like “what? no oh my god no way guys good god stop” and maya just being like “…right anyway”


Last week my Dearmine Angela arrived. :3

I’ve always loved her but only recently I’ve been able to get her. And she’s so cuuuute!

The face-up is slightly sloppy in some places though. :c Guess they rushed a bit because of their spring event. Still, it’s super pretty (Dearmine’s face-ups always are). But the eyelashes have to be reglued. Hate how they are curled down so much. u.u

Not much time and the weather’s shitty atm so only some boring photos for now. D:

now all i’m saying is that the fucking way they set up that title sequence goddamn
so first you’ve got lucas and riley and it says “face to face” but then it flips right over to him being face to face with maya and instead of a sweet smile he looks surprised and kind of tender?? waiting to see what happens next, i guess
and then RIGHT AFTER it shows lucas’ face, breaking into a smirk as the word “changes” happens and it’s like he’s waiting to see what this new change brings now that they’re face to face aka as close as he and riley were and he’s interested in where this is going and kind of smug and im reading way too far into this someone stop me

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title: Faux Datant

chapter: one

description: “Just don’t take pleasure in my pain, Friar.” He looked at her pointedly. “Sorry, don’t take pleasure in my pain, babe.” / Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan, especially when you’re supposed to be fake dating. *MULTI-CHAPTER* [lucas/maya] future fic

rating: T

words: 3,193

link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11230455/1/Faux-Datant

sidenote; IN LIGHT OF EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED, I HAVE DECIDED TO MAKE A LUCAYA MULTI CHAPTER FIC!! very cliche and basic, yes, my youngins, i know. bare with me here

+ i know the title needs some work, but i’m still wracking for some names so if you got anything, hmu!!!

++ PLEASE PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)