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Teaser #14 - Two Faced

I’ve made Smash Balls for the main characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Bowser. :D

I’ve always enjoyed using Bowser since Melee, even though he’s never been that good, so I hope he’s been improved for the newest game. I’ve heard a few people saying he’s apparently better so I’m looking forward to seeing how he plays. :)

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Super Smash Ball Pendants


LongStyle DePoofed (AKA The Jessica)

Hello everyone! I know I promised new hairs yesterday but due to work that I was assigned, I didn’t have much time to finish both. However, here’s the first of the two, called “The Jessica”! It’s a remesh of the LongStyle Bangs in the game that i thought was way too poofy in the back (hence the “DePoofed” part of the name) and the back is elongated as well. Feel free to recolor this mesh but make sure to give me credit ^_^

Thank you so much for over 1500 followers!

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P.S. - Google Drive is capping the amount of downloads for some reason so I’m in the process of uploading the CC that are unable to be downloaded to OneDrive (thank you, haha! this tells me that people like my cc!)