I’ll make this quick! I love you guys and want to show my love back, so prizes are as follows:

~1ST PRIZE: $50 Amazon Gift Card & $30 worth of blessed RP.

~2ND PRIZE: $30 worth of RP

~3RD PRIZE: $20 worth of RP

LOVE YOUR FACES! I will announce winners March 1st.

Rules & Requirements:

Reblog and must be following me. You may reblog as many times as you would like. Likes don’t count. Keep in mind I have no way of getting ahold of you if your ask box isn’t open.

Jennifer is begging you to vote for Catching Fire's actors and scenes  nominated at the MTV Movie Awards.

Remember who the enemy is

While you live the revolution ,lives

I’m still betting on you

It’s going to be a Big Big day


Fucking chill. If you’re talking about Jack, chances are, he’s not gonna get at you. He knows the consequences, he’s not dumb. You can try all you want, but if we find out that you’re using him or whatever it is you’re doing for all this attention, may the odds be ever in your favor.