Enjoying a lovely cup of iced coffee on this peaceful morning… Nature has awakened and I’m admiring the rainy spring atmosphere flowing in through the windows. The birds are singing as the rain graces the earth, a hopeful and awe-inspiring start to my day. 

Mercury in Taurus, Thoughts of Value

Transit Occurring May 1 – 15 2013 Mercury is in the earthy sign of Taurus; strong and solid, our concentration is steady and we are able to stay in the moment. Taurus rules values, more specifically money- Mercury here can be used to better our financial position, and to look at our values and finances: to help us serve those we care about.

We are concerned with what we own; how what we own help us, and how these things bring pleasure into our lives. What clutters our life clutters our mind; how can we simplify and downsize yet still maintain those things that make us happy?

Our minds are concerned with the money we make, how we make it, and how can we make the things we value work for us. Yet the key to happiness here is finding out how we can use our resources to help others.

What things have you been spending too much time thinking about? Are there too many things you have to take care of? – Have these things been taking up too much of your time? Are you valuing those things and money over people in your life?

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May 1, 2013

One hundred and thirty four

It’s May Day! :D hurray! May actually brings a lot of stress and such at the beginning. Today was sort of just an endurance day; I had a bunch of tests, none of which I was prepared for, so I totally had to pick and choose. The morpheme test in English was the throwaway test. I got a 7/10 at best. But it gave me time to study for chemistry, which was more important.

The chemistry test was relatively easy; I think that I did well. There was one question that was a little sketchy, but I stumbled my way through it. And then the ESS final came last in the day. The test was actually extremely easy, bringing an easy close to the ESS class. Now it’s just the test that I have to worry about.

Volleyball after school was interesting. It was all two on two, three on three, and four on four. Coach was super focused on movement and such. It was actually pretty intense for a supposedly “game day.” We definitely took a lot out of the practice, which is good. It’s the final part of the season, so we need to step up.

Finally, we went to the Coronado and Foothill match. This match decided who won the southeast division; Coronado had to win in four sets to win. Both teams came out very strong with a huge will to fight. Coronado was up 2-1 and tied 19-19 when two *horrible* calls over the next six points basically handed the set to Coronado. I have confidence that Coronado would win anyways, but it’s sad to see the referees control a match like that. But either way, kudos to Coronado. They played one heck of a match. We’ll see them in playoffs!

And that’s all that happened to Jack on May 1, 2013.

EDIT: Our volleyball team had an article written about them in Nevada Preps. I had a great quote relating our volleyball team to “Jaws.” And there are some great unattractive pictures of me hitting. Everybody should go check the article out!