Why I Love YouNow – by Max Wright

I have been with YouNow ever since the site was launched and slowly I rose the the top. There are many reasons why I love YouNow.

Let me start off with the basic reasons. The first and obvious reason is because when you are live, you feel like you are famous, (don’t lie to yourself, you know you have the same feeling when people are shouting out your name calling you all hot and stuff). :) When I’m live with 200+ people watching me and all saying “YOU ROCK”, “UR AMAZING,” and stuff like that, it makes me feel wanted and sorta like a celebrity. Growing up I was made fun of a lot, and had trouble keeping a steady relationship with my friends, but on YouNow, its like a complete reset button. People that are watching you have no idea who you are besides your name and what you look like. You feel like a completely different person.

With that said, there is yet another reason why I love YouNow. For a little over a year, I have been uploading a daily video of my life to youtube.com/maximDBD. When i’m on YouNow, as many of you know, I promote my youtube, and before YouNow, I used to get like 50 views per video, which I was actually happy with. Now I have set my goals higher and get around 150+ views per video. I got around 300 subscribers from just users from YouNow that love watching me, and that wanted to watch me more so they decided to subscribe to my youtube.

Now the big reason why I love YouNow is because of the stuff that the company does to interact with other people. For example every Wednesday there is a karaoke contest that goes on and the winner gets 100 dollars. Being part of this contest you can meet and see amazing people out there with talent that you may have never seen before. When I saw Harvey Willey on YouNow I thought he was amazing and now I always watch him when ever he is live, and thats not a joke. Now sure everyone loves the prizes, like winning a shirt and the iPhone, but i’m more into it for pure fun, meeting new people and talking to the world. I love the feeling that people actually like watching me and that they enjoy my broadcasts.

That is why I love YouNow. :)

- Max Wright

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