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Paul Mawhinney has been collecting vinyl records since 1951 and now has the biggest collection in the world at over (now) 3 million items. It is more than double the size of the Library of Congress’ collection.

Paul is in his mid-seventies and in failing health. He would like to be recognized for his preservation efforts and has been trying to sell his collection. It has an estimated worth of $53 million but he’s willing to part with it for $3 million. It remains unsold. - Via

Fraudulent “Rock Star” Scams Banks Out Of $11 Million To Try To Be Next blink-182

Robert Mawhinney had a band called Lights Over Paris that received over $11 million in bank loans in hopes of being a massive rock band in order to be the next blink-182. Mawhinney, through a very large series of lies, seas sentenced to seven years in prison. Watch a whole video from ABC on the story below after the jump.

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News | Paul Mawhinney and The Worlds Largest Record Collection

Pittsburgh record store owner  Paul Mawhinney claims he has built the world’s largest record collection.  There collection currently stands at about 1 million LP’s and 1.5 million singles.  Also a large number of the collection are rarities and cannot be bought, even on CD. It… | Full story below link

archie sonic fun fact

In #10 (the same issue that introduced us to the Nerbs, but a different story), King Acorn was depicted pink, just like “Classic Sally”. I’m pretty confident this is the only time this has happened…and I also think this might very well be the first visual depiction of the King ever. He resembles his daughter more than later versions, likely because that’s all they (namely Art Mawhinney) had to go on. I think it’s kind of a cute look. 

He also resembles Santa Claus, but whatever.

crazychilidoglover asked:


1. I take medication for anxiety/depression.

2. When I was in high school I used to drive home for lunch and watch reruns of Little House on the Prairie while I ate my raviolis. I don’t even know why. Because it was on tv? Noon television was lacking. It probably still is.

3. My artwork is in an old Archie comic.

4. My artwork is in an old Disney Adventures Magazine.

5. When I was a teenager I wrote to Art Mawhinney to tell him that he was my favorite artist for the Sonic comics. He wrote me back with advice on art. Not only that but he sent me (over the course of a year?) three original comic pages, as well as added in two of my fcs into two of the panels in one of the issues. Of course he had to change their design just slightly for legal reasons, but they are there and man I gotta tell ya I was all sorts of tickled when he did that. 

sally-mun asked:

26. Favourite official art style? | 5. Favourite female character(s)? | 15. Favourite Sonic level(s)?

26. Favourite official art style?

Tossup between Ben Bates, Art Mawhinney and the style that was used in the Sonic CD intro. It’s hard to pick a favorite among those three because they’re each so different and there’s different things I like about them

5. Favourite female character(s)?

HMM. Wow that’s a toughie. I guess it’d be a tossup between Bunnie, Blaze and Nicole?

But then there’s also Sally and Amy and Rouge and dkjghdkjfgh I’M JUST GONNA STICK WITH THE FIRST THREE AS MY ANSWER OR I’LL NEVER DECIDE

15. Favourite Sonic level(s)?

For aesthetic, Rusty Ruin from Sonic 3D Blast. The Sega Saturn version of that level was just gorgeous with the mossy ruins and the fog and everything, and its my favorite non-lyrical Sonic level music overall 

For actual gameplay. Hrm.

Eggmanland from Sonic Unleashed. I LOVE EGGMANLAND BUT I HATE EGGMANLAND. I’m pretty sure at this point it’s stockholm syndrome from it being the only level I still haven’t managed to finish the hotdog missions for

Though really pretty much any of the daytime/modern style levels from Unleashed and Generations respectively. I like fast

Building A Successful Coaching Business

On the show today, our expert guest Marc Mawhinney, coach’s coach and podcaster focused on helping coaches build successful coaching businesses…. Watch the video at

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