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The beast glances down with a slight smirk, showing off one needle-like fang. “Why, hello there…” It has a complete monotone voice.

He couldn’t help but stand up in front of the beast, looking it over with bright green eyes while subconsciously holding his left arm, still in its original cast. “Hey, uh…”

He was at a complete loss for words. What was this thing!? It was amazing, whatever it was!

So I wont lie… I was totally listening to Deadmau5 while drawing this for the last two days. I love spotify, it gives me more techno then I know what to do with and it has been so long since I could enjoy me some techno while drawing!~

Anywho, been kinda in a mood lately, and what started as a more realistic(failed) attempt at drawing Cog turned into her looking a bit kill-happy shortly followed by inviting some family. Would just like to thank them for being there for me when I need them. I have their backs and they have mine in a scrap. *Warm fuzzies*

Stoke may get a switch-blade or katana in the near future I haven’t decided… also Mavvy’s face is supposed to have LCD screens for his eyes and mouth.

Left to right.




Maverick Mau5(Big guy in the back):

Stoke: I drew this back in highschool before we started dating and got married… no laughing at it’s horridness. >.< 

Lets try to be happy today

No paranoia, no dwelling on what people say/ parents demand

If youre in school and you hate it let your mind carry you away someplace else

Don’t try to feel lonely.

These are hard to do i know. but lets try and im here if anyone needs support

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Hows india mavvie???

Went to the Taj Mahal today! It was beautiful besides the 4 hour + drive while my mom and sister were throwing up and that it was muggy as fuck, but it was still pretty!