maurarose said: Doo it ! My brother is and he loves it. Look at Colorado mountain college in steamboat springs, co

Oh wow, they even have degree programs for ski and snowboard marketing. Thanks for the tip! 

maurarose replied to your post: Hipster with Dreads

I LOVE this.

Haha thank you!  It was based on a real life hipster with dreads that we saw yesterday in Rittenhouse Square in Philly.  We filled in the Vegan chilli and craft beer details, but the rest was him.  Also, there was a guy with a guitar there playing “Chariot”, all singer-songwriter-y too. 

maurarose and i had time to spare before britt’s wedding shower on sunday. we really wanted to try BRGR bar, a new restuarant in portsmouth and it was perfect cos on Sundays they have bottomless mimosas! well, when we read the menu, we immediately changed our minds to get the fried pickles! then, she went with the buffalo veggie burger & i got sweet potato fries with an apple pie milkshake- vanilla ice cream, caramel, cinnamon & bourbon! plus it was basically happy hour cos the patriots game was on, so everything was half price!


8.23.14 My little brother’s new home! He lived in the dorms here last year, but now he has an actual, grownup apartment. It was sad to say goodbye to him for a year, but I’m so proud! The top photo is the view from his new place, & the large middle image is the view from his school!

It was pretty cold in town- we went from 90 in SLC to 50 in the boat! So I bought that blanket at a thrift stayed with my little brother. 

This town is so adorable, I really hope we go out there for christmas this year! Its downtown was actually just registered as a National Historic District! (those 2 photos next to the one of me are of a hot spring in a cave that’s fed by that warm water stream. Steamboat has a ridiculous amount of them all over the place, hence the town name)


our (are) accent video. my first ever time posting my voice on tumblr and i’ve had this blog since 1.19.2009. please tell us we have accents! like, obviously we don’t think we do, but we know we definitely pronounce words wrong/differently and let us know how you guys pronounce the words we talked about! (and don’t mind that ad playing in the background. & when we watch this on here, the voice doesn’t match up with the picture. so…)


a year ago my bridal party surprised me with a bachelorette party/day- a trip to six flags, followed by a lot of drinking and a makeshift irish car bomb cos the bar we were at wouldn’t serve those types of drinks, so they ordered me all the ingredients separately and they had to coax me into doing it since i had never done one before and by this point i was so gone. it was so much fun!