MAURA MARTELL 24 year old half-blood. former gryffindor who supports the order of the phoenix. she hates her journalist job because she doesn’t get to report on what matters… instead she’s a gossip columnist. WAND 11” french olive, dragon, unyielding. MYTHOLOGY under the sign of the leo she closely identifies with Athena the goddess of wisdom, battle strategy, arts and literature. COLOR blue; meaning her biggest need is to find inner peace and truth. she wants to live her life according to her own ideals and beliefs without changing her inflexible viewpoint. PATRONUS lion cub, getting ready for a humble takeover! BOGGART spiders. she’s a brave one but those things are gross. AMORTENTIA cinnamon, stale cigarettes w| men’s cologne, and champagne stained lips. BEST AT transfiguration and charms. PERSONALITY witty, deprecating humor, sarcastic, adventurous and annoyingly yet uncontrollably frigid.