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Random thing #1: I was born really sick and now I have a random scar on my hand from the needle that was in my hand.

Random thing #2: I really want to become an American Sign Language Interpreter. To see a child’s face light up because you UNDERSTAND them, is what makes my heart beat.

Random thing #3: I really cannot live with out my sister in my life. Honest to goodness, she is my built in best friend. UGH TWIN. Why must you be so prominent. But I love you so.

Random thing #4:  I really like my job but it really blows 90% of the time. People are just so rude. Honest I just serve your food i dont make it so dont dump it on my vans.

Random thing #5: I plan on  becoming a linguist in the future. So i can help many people. I love giving to the people.

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He sits on the curb

Pushing his thoughts downstream

He’s got a mind in the sky, and dreams like none other

But he’s cold in July

and he’s got scales on his eyes

He looks in the mirror and there’s a man starring back

Bruises on his arms

And skin as white as the blank sheet of paper he keeps in his pocket.

He looks to his left and looks to his right and nothing seems to change

But this kid on the curb he’s got so much to say, and so much to prove

But the world couldn’t want to hear from a mute.

Fun night at me place
  • Me:Mr. Wells
  • Matt wells:why am I mr. Wells?
  • Me:fine mrs. Wells
  • *Matt wells gives me dirty look*
  • Matt bunch:ma'am
  • *Matt Wells looks at him*
  • *laughing*
  • Lol priceless night lol