The Tale of Campus Movie Fest

So, last week at my school, this Campus Movie Fest thing came to my school, and said, “make a film in a week and win shit” Well, I probably shouldn’t have put that in quotes cause that’s not exactly what they said, but you get it. What could you win? I don’t fucking know! Didn’t look at the prizes, I just love the thrill of competition. I think they were giving out a MacBook or something, which I would never use. So, even if I did win, I’d probably make a contest on my channel and give it away or something.

Anyway, back to the story. Twas a busy week for me, so I didn’t really get to work on it until the weekend. So, we filmed most of it, and then Kyle (kid helping me with it) came up with this idea to make it even crazier. I liked the idea, so we filmed some extra stuff, but didn’t have time to make it as full-fledged as we wanted. So, it ended  up being a half-assed version of both ideas combined. The result was less than ideal. Somehow we got into Rowan’s Top 16 finalists and are currently in the lead spot for the Wild Card, which is determined by the most YouTube views.

So, basically if I get the wild card spot and go to nationals, I am gonna do a full-fledged remake of the film, the way it was supposed to be seen. But first, I need to win the wild card. That’s where you guys can come in. So, please spread this around and help me get to nationals. I’ve been going around making jokes saying it’s the worst film I’ve ever made, but in all honesty it has potential and I want to see this thing through to the end. So, please help me out and spread this around. Thanks all!