mattfromdulla asked:

what if ur mom dated Vic like ew???

like she’s young and she looks really young too like people confuse her as my sister so like physically it wouldn’t matter cause they’re both young u feel but like she can’t date him she cannot i would be so mad at her omg

mattfromdulla asked:

it was actually really fun except all the girl next to me was a grown woman and she cried over Harry

oh my god that reminds me when my mom saw vic she literally cried she has some weird crush on him and i can’t say anything bc vic’s 30 and my mom is 39 like they could fucking date and i can’t say anything about it how fucking terrible would that be

mattfromdulla asked:

Louis is my favorite and im not ashamed to say that i saw 1d and 5sos over the summer oKAY

louis is my favorite too i’ve missed the chance to see them because i wansn’t in puerto rico last year and they toured here last year and i’m so sad so so so so sad