I feel so bad for Ginger, Mattel was so lazy with her. Her name is lazy, her design is lazy, her doll is lazy… I mean for example, all the characters have a little ring that is usually something to do with their story… Ginger has a flower… which was never even put on her doll. I just think she could have been so creatively designed and well done but they completely missed out on the opportunity. Mattel, you need to stop giving Monster High all the love and remember that Ever After High has the potential to be, in my opinion, way better than MH, EAH already have a better story line and better designs.

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People shouldn't be mad at Mattel for making the dolls different from the show. I'm pretty sure the official doll designs come first anyways and the animators are the ones who make changes for the show. Like I think the animators made a mistake or change putting the designs on both of Faybelle's eyes when it was only supposed to be on one.

I’m not sure about the design process, maybe teddybearbones or wscttfrbs-eah could give some insight into that. However, I do think people have every right to be annoyed with Mattel when they clearly cut corners with the doll designs, especially when they give us doll designs with more details in the prototypes and box art and then take those details away. That’s not the case with Faybelle, at least not yet, but it has happened with many characters, and it gets very frustrating!