001. Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

Matt’s relationship with his father was very close. He loved him deeply and respected the man. He was all that he had growing up and, consequently, built his life around him. He would even patch him up after fights, earning his first sip of whiskey when he had to stitch his father up for the first time. All that he wanted was to see his father the winner in the ring, like he knew that he was outside of it.

His father made sure that his own mistakes weren’t passed down to his son, underlining to him that school and academics were more important than fighting. Honesty was the path of the just, the pen was mightier than the sword.

Catch up day!

Day 12: Screenshot
I am too lazy to take a screenshot of my desktop plus I have confidential information on it. So yea. haha 

Day 13: 3 Confessions
1) I hate that weed is illegal! Like a lot. 
2) I love working at Colgate University and with all of the students even though they have a bad rep in town.
3) If it was socially acceptable I would eat sour cream like it was yogurt.

Day 14: 5 Celebrity Crushes
1) Katherine Moennig

2) Channing Tatum

3) Taye Diggs

4) Matt Lanter

5) Norman Reedus 

Day 15: A photo of me at my fanciest moment. 

This is my most recent “fancy” photo starring my girl Maryssa!

Day 16: What would you do with your remaining time on earth if the world was going to end tomorrow?
I would leave work right now, pick Eric up from work, spend the rest of my night with him, and make sure he knows how important he was to me. I guess I would make time to see my parents too! 

Day 17: What do you wanna do when you grow up?

I want to own my own not for profit organization that helps young adults with whatever issues they may be going through such as depression, anxiety, having no where to go, college applications, school work, and more. 

What Do You Got For Me 2011 - Day 28

The 30 Day Challenge


Day 28 - If you had three wishes, what would they be?

Barring the obligatory infinite wishes loop-hole or “The Jafar,” I think I’d wish for immortality, because I want to see the future and have all the time to learn and make money. A gorgeous, or healthy body because I want to make all the boys jealous and/or not be immortal in a coma or hospital bed. Finally the knowledge of the unified field which wouldn’t be a theory anymore because I know all about it so I guess that would be a law.    

What Do You Got For Me 2011 - Day 18

The 30 Day Challenge

Day 18 - Do you want any tattoos? Where? What of? (photos if available)

Nah. If I was younger and had a better body, I probably would. When I was younger I painted a tattoo design on my left hand, that was October Dragon in Chinese calligraphy. But I was told that tattoos are bad for job interviews and I already had a hard time finding a job so it never went through. But no regrets, no tattoos. But no problems against tattoos, I love them, on most other people.  Then there are those who shouldn’t get a tattoo or be able to choose tattoo designs.

What Do You Got For Me 2011 - Day 5

The 30 Day Challenge

Day 5 - What annoys you more then anything?

Bad writing/storytelling.  I can’t stand to pay for something and have a poorly constructed story come from it.  I hated Southland Tales for its jumbled mess of a storyline.  I despised The Sword of Shannara for basically being so uncreative that it copied Lord of the Rings almost by verbatim.  Its part of the reason I see so few movies.  If I lived in New York I probably could see more, but as I live in no where PA, good movies are far and few between.  I can’t even read the local newspaper because of the amateurish writing of their articles.  Not that there are many good magazines or newspapers left anyways.  But writing and storytelling are crafts that need to be honed and sculpted, not rushed and left to the wind and used as a means to an end.  That’s what a blog is for.  (ahem)

What Do You Got For Me 2011 - Day 29

The 30 Day Challenge


Day 29 - If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?

I love my name.  My mom did a good job.  I like it because it has the letter K and V, they are kind of dynamic letters in my mind, because of the slants in their construction.  And Kevin is just a cool name.  But if I had to change my name I could live with Dexter.  That way people could call me Dex, which is kind of a neat sci-fi like name.  And then with my last name Dexter Drake how cool is that?

What Do You Got For Me 2011 - Day 27

The 30 Day Challenge

Day 27 - Where is somewhere you would want to visit?

I’ve always wanted to go to Paris.  I even took a class in art history that was all about the history of Paris.  I once planned out a trip across Europe from London to Moscow, but when I researched the prices, I kind of gave up on that.  But yeah Paris.  I’ll do it one day.

What Do You Got For Me 2011 - Day 22

The 30 Day Challenge

Day 22 - Find your horoscope for today and post it.  For fun leave out your sign and see if your followers can guess it.

Things are flowing your way, and you should find a great deal of pleasure in the company of others. There may be an element of fantasy about the day that causes you to lose track of time and space. Don’t bother connecting to reality if you don’t have to. Go to an art museum or attend a dance performance. See a movie and go out to your favorite restaurant.


What Do You Got For Me 2011 - Day 20

The 30 Day Challenge

Day 20 - What did you eat today?

-=Catching Up=-

This is an apropo question as I did something new today for dinner that I have never done before. I had roasted chicken, that I made myself.  It was gross to make as I had to touch raw chicken and reach inside the cavity and remove parts and then massage butter into the skin.  I groaned whined and shuddered through the whole process.  I had to stuff the cavity with celery, onion and garlic and then season the chicken.  After about an hour and a half it came out delicious.  And then I took that thing apart like a piranha!!!  The only thing was the clean up after.  I’ve never really carved a turkey or a chicken before so cutting up the meat afterward was intimidating.  Will I do it again?  Maybe not - at least not like a monthly thing - the roast beef was easier and more sanitary in my opinion, but it was good experience to learn nonetheless!  Maybe for special occasions!   

What Do You Got For Me 2011 - Day 19

The 30 Day Challenge

Day 19 - What do you think of “anon’s”?

My experience with anons hasn’t been good.  First I barely get questions.  I don’t know why, but whatever.  Second the couple of anon’s that I have gotten have either been very complimentary, or questions as to whether I was gay or not.  Which is sort of vexing, I guess.  I guess anons are just vexing, to answer the question.