Put Yourself on my Dash?

Hey there, cutie patooties! So, I want to follow some more people who blog my newest/currently biggest obsessions. They’ll be right below this, so like and/or reblog if you post this stuff and I’ll check out your blog and probably follow you! 

-Orphan Black
-Cosima Niehaus
-Delphine Cormier
-Holy Trinity
-Grace Helbig
-Hannah Hart
-Mamrie Hart
-Doctor Who
-Tenth Doctor/David Tennant
-Eleventh Doctor/Matt Smith
-Yowzah/River and Eleven
-Once Upon a Time

I need more people to follow!

Hey guys, I’m looking for some more blogs to follow, so.. if you post any of the following, reblog my post tagging what you reblog so that I can check you out and follow you!

  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Miles Kane
  • The Last Shadow Puppets
  • Supernatural
  • Sherlock
  • Doctor Who
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Matt Smith
  • Jensen Ackles
  • Funny things
  • Photoshop [psd,action etc. doesnt matter] 
  • Quotes
  • Fashion
  • Nature
  • Pale   

I’ll check all of you,no matter how much you are guys.