L’appel du vide | Kuiich-verse, Izumi/Kei

Eternal gratitude to Serah, whose magical brain brought forth this universe. I tweaked it a little here and there because dream-logic is difficult to deal with, but the foundation is still that same bizarro dream. Obviously there’s a lot of backstory to be told, but hopefully it’s not too incomprehensible lol

Before everything goes completely insane, before Yayoi goes blind and Manabu loses his legs (and Tadatoshi dies, but Kei doesn’t think about that) there is one hot summer night that sets him on the path towards ruin. It isn’t a conscious realization- it’s just a shift in perspective, a subtle adjustment that says oh, so this is how it is. He doesn’t notice until later. And then it’s too late to change anything.

It goes like this:

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