Peekin’ Out of Mom’s Pouch: Meet Zoo Miami’s New Kangaroo Joey

An Endangered Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo has begun to peek out of its mother’s pouch at Zoo Miami. Though it is just now exposing itself, this joey is believed to have actually been born approximately 5 months ago.  As with most marsupials, Tree Kangaroos are born in an almost embryonic state after a pregnancy of about 44 days. The newborn is only the size of a jelly bean and slowly crawls into the mother’s pouch where it locks onto a nipple and then the majority of development takes place.

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Usambara Giant Two-horned Chameleon - Kinyongia matschiei

Also known as Matschie’s Two-horned Chameleon, Kinyongia matschiei (Chamaeleonidae) is a species endemic to the eastern Usambara Mountains in Tanzania.

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Photo credit: ©Stephen Zozaya | Locality: East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania (2014)